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  • Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves movies reportedly pulled off from China's streaming platforms

    Hollywood | March 25, 2022 11:28 IST

    China rejects claims of Tibetan independence and has long blackballed artists who have expressed support for Tibet and/or the Dalai Lama. Reeves' support for the Tibet benefit went public just as 'The Matrix Resurrections' was opening in China, but the action sequel was boycotted by nationalists and underwhelmed at the box office.

  • china state media says 24 coal miners die in fire

    China state media says 24 coal miners die in fire

    World | November 26, 2014 7:09 IST

    Beijing: Chinese state media says 24 coal miners have been killed in underground fire in the country's northeast.The official Xinhua News Agency says another 52 miners were injured in the disaster early Wednesday in the