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7-year old boy swallows Apple AirPods, lands up in the hospital

A boy swallowed one of his Apple AirPods, which he got as a Christmas gift. Know, what happened next

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New Delhi Published on: January 03, 2020 11:39 IST
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Boys swallows Apple AirPods

Gifts are bound to bring happiness on anyone’s face. However, not for this DeKalb County, Georgia-based boy as his Apple AirPods as a Christmas gift landed him in hospital. Read on to know what exactly happened.

Boy swallows Apple AirPods

According to a report by Local21news, a 7-year old was gifted the Apple AirPods on Christmas, which he accidentally swallowed only to land in a hospital in Georgia.

It is suggested that the boy was with his grandmother when he inadvertently swallowed one of the AirPods and started choking afterwards.

Soon after, the grandmother informed the boy’s mother (Kiara Stroud) of the incident and rushed him to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, doctors took his X-rays and discovered the Apple earbuds right below his ribcage.

Following this, doctors advised that it’s best the AirPods come out on its own instead of performing a surgery.

"Everything is fine. And, you know, in a few days it'll pass through,” said Kiara Stroud.

Following this scary incident, the 7-year old doesn’t wish to use his iPhone, scared that it might connect to the AirPods in his stomach and play something. Stroud has decided not to gift her son small gadgets in the future.

The incident proves to be an example for everyone to be careful with tiny devices and not experiment with them.

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