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Karnataka polls: list of winners, constituency wise results

Bangalore:  Following is the list of winners in Karnataka assembly elections: Afzalpur - M. Venkayyah Guttedar (Cong) WON BY 5,238 VOTES ELECTED Aland- Ramchandra Bhojraj (KJP) WON BY 17,114 ELECTEDAnekal - B. Shivanna (Cong) WON BY

India TV News Desk India TV News Desk Updated on: May 09, 2013 17:29 IST
Bilgi - J. T. Patil (Cong) WON BY 11,238 VOTES ELECTED 

Bomanahalli - Satish Reddy (BJP) won by 25,852 ELECTED

Byadagi - Basavaraj Neelappa (Cong)  won by 13,359  ELECTED

Byatarayanapura - Krishna Byregowda (Cong) won by  32,400 ELECTED 

Byndoor - K. Gopala Poojary (Cong) won by 31,149 votes ELECTED

C. V. Raman Nagar - S. Raghu (BJP) WON BY 8,462 VOTES ELECTED

Challakere - T. Raghumurthy (Cong) won by 23,123 ELECTED

Chamaraja - Vasu (Cong ) won by 12,915  ELECTED

chamarajanagar - C. Puttarangashetty (Cong) won by 11,196 ELECTED

Chamarajapet - B. Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan (JD-S) won by 30,162 ELECTED 

Chamundeshwari - G. T. Devegowda (JD-S) WON BY 7,103 VOTES ELECTED

Channagiri - V. rajanna (Cong) WON BY 1,773 VOTES ELECTED 

channapatna - C. P. Yogeshwar (Samajwadi Party) won by 6,464 votes ELECTED

chickapet - R. V. Devraj (Cong) won by 13,059 ELECTED 

Chikaballapur - Dr. K. Sudhakar (Cong) won by  15,048 ELECTED

Chikkodi-Sadalge - B. H. Prakash (Cong) WON BY 76,588 VOTES ELECTED 

Chikmagalur - C. T. Ravi (BJP) won by 10,988 ELECTED

Chikanayakanhali - C. B. Sureshbabu (JD-s) won by 11,139 ELECTED 

Chintamani - J. K. Krishna reddy won by 1,773 ELECTED

Chitradurga - G. H. Thippareddy (BJP) WON BY 26,718 ELECTED

Chittapur - Priyank Khadge (Cong) WON BY 31,191 VOTES ELECTED

Dasarahalli - S. Muniraju (BJP) WON BY 10,828 VOTES ELECTED 

Davangere North - S. S. Mallikarjuna (Cong) won by 57,280 ELECTED 

Davangere South - S. Shivashankarappa (Cong) WON BY 40,158 ELECTED

Devadurga - A. Venkatesh Naik (Cong)  WON BY 3,700 VOTES ELECTED 

Devanahalli - P. Munishamappa (JD-S) WON BY 1942 VOTES ELECTED 

Devar Hippargi - A. S. Patil (Cong)  WON BY 8096 ELECTED

Dharwad - Vinay Kulkarni (Cong) WON BY 18320 ELECTED 

Dodaballapur - T. venkataramanaiah (Cong)  WON BY 1447 ELECTED 

Gadag - H K Patil (Cong) WON BY 33,727 ELECTED 

Gandhi Nagar - Dinesh gundu Rao (Cong) WON BY 22,607 ELECTED 

Gangawati - Iqbal Ansari (JD-S) WON BY 29,881 ELECTED

Gauri Bidanur - N. H. Shivshankar Reddy (Cong) won by 5,773 ELECTED

Gokak - J. Ramesh Laxmanrao (Cong) WON BY 8,005 ELECTED 

Govindrajnagar - Priyakrishna (Cong) won by 42,460 ELECTED 

Gubbi - S. R. Shrinivas (Vasu) (JD-S) WON BY 7,244  ELECTED

Gulbarga Dakshin - Dattatreya C. Patil (BJP)  WON BY 9970 ELECTED 

Gulbarga Rural - G. Ramakrishna (Cong) WON BY 7218 ELECTED 

Gulbarga Uttar - Qamarul Islam (Cong)  WON BY 20,121 ELECTED 

Gundlupet - H. S. Mahadeva Prasad (Cong) WON BY 7,675  ELECTED

Gurmitkal - Baburao chinchanasoor (Cong) WON BY 1650 ELECTED 

Hadagalli- P. T. Parmeshwar Naik (Cong) won by 40,810 ELECTED

Hagaribomanahalli - Bheemanaik (JD-S) WON BY ONLY 125 VOTES ELECTED

Haliyal - R. V. Deshpande (Cong) won by 6,' ELECTED 

Hangal - Manohar Tahashildar (Cong) WON BY 5,685  ELECTED

Hanur- R. Narendra (Cong) won by 11,549 ELECTED

Harapanahalli - M P Ravindra (Cong) won by 8,406 ELECTED

Harihar - H. S. Shivshankar (JD-S) WON BY 19,053  ELECTED

Hassan -  H. S. Prakash (JD-S) won by 4,196  ELECTED 

Haveri - L. M. Rudrappa (Cong) won by 30,208 ELECTED 

Hebbal - R. Jagdeesh Kumar (BJP) WON BY 5136 ELECTED 

Heggadadevankote - S. Chikkanadu (JD-S) WON BY 12,498 ELECTED

Hirekerur - U. B. Banakar (KJP) WON BY 2,606 ELECTED 

Hiriyur - D. Sudhakar (Cong)  WON BY 1,205 ELECTED

Holalkere - H. Anjaneya (Cong) won by 12,864  ELECTED

Holenarsipur - H. D. Revanna (JD-S)  WON BY  30,058 ELECTED 

Homnabad - Rajshekhar Patil (Cong) WON BY 24,500 ELECTED  

Honnali - D. G. Shanta Gowda (Cong) won by 18,738 ELECTED

Hosadurga - B. G. Govindappa (Cong) won by 20,017 ELECTED 

Hosakote - M T B Nagaraj (Cong)  WON BY 7139 ELECTED  

Hubli Dharwad west - Arvind Bellad (BJP) WON BY 11,182 ELECTED 

Hubli Dharwad central - Chief Minister Jagdish Shettar WON BY 7854 VOTES ELECTED 

Hubli Dharwad East - Abbayya Prasad (Cong)  WON BY 13,522 ELECTED 

Hukkeri - Umesh Vishwanath (BJP) won by 57,426  ELECTED 

Hungund - K. V. Shivshankarappa (Cong) WON BY 15,797  ELECTED 

Hunsur - H. P. Manjunath (Cong)  WON BY 40,207 VOTES ELECTED 

Indi - Y. Vittalgouda Patil (Cong)  won by  33,302 ELECTED 

Jagalur - H. P. Rajesh (Cong) WON BY  36,890 ELECTED 

Jamkhandi - S. B. Nyamagouda (Cong) won by 21,152 ELECTED 

Jevargi - Ajay Dharam Singh (Cong) WON BY 36,700 VOTES ELECTED 

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