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Going for a holiday abroad? Here are some pocket-friendly destinations for you

Summer is here. Isn’t it the best time to leave for a foreign holiday?
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi April 14, 2017 12:38 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Summer is here. Isn’t it the best time to leave for a foreign holiday? 

Holidays are welcome holes in the pockets that make our life vivid and colorful. Going on holiday is groovy, but money can be a deterrent to many of us.

We can't spend half of our savings, but that doesn't mean we can't have a flamboyant journey.

Check out these cheapest destinations that can set you in the holiday mood without putting much we ight in your pocket by Kapil Goswamy, Founder BigBreaks.com :


Much known among the tourist, Vietnam is still a budget friendly destination. You can easily spend a day with $10 in your pockets. This includes everything right from the hotel to beer. From Tai Chai to the rice terraces, colonial charm to motorcycle tours, there's nothing you can miss in this attractive haven.

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The Philippines is successful in attracting tourist this season. It definitely is a hot spot for the party. Like any Asian country, it offers an exciting cultural vibe with a touch of modernism. From underground caves to mud-water springs, water sports to hiking and kayaking, with almost $20 a day!


Love Europe? Try Hungary! Those who want to feel the opulence of Europe with cheap money can visit Hungary. The old charm buildings and streets, gourmet pastries, hills, lake, strong liquor, can be enjoyed within $20.

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Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua forget them if you're looking for cheap holidays. Honduras is much skipped due its frightening image, but in actuality, it has a vibrant nightlife and hipster culture . Untouched beaches, captivating monuments and tasty cuisine, all can be bargained within $25 for a day!

New Mexico

Want to visit an exciting, dynamic and cheap American place for a holiday? New Mexico is the place you're searching. Sunny days, Alpine forest, wines, Chile, water springs, winter sports and outdoor trekking, will fill up your days.


Call it 'the City of Love', 'the City of White Marble', or 'Strangest City in the World', Ashgabat is another place to worth visit when planning to holiday in Asia. Golden domes, sandy desert, quirky streets, and LA like nightlife, are the stuff that defines this strange, but a cheap tourist destination. All with the price tag of $30 a day.


Granada is famous for its perfect 'postcard pretty' image. Colonial buildings tinted in singular bright colors, jaw-dropping architecture marvels, sunlit weather beside cool water and a flavorsome mouthful dish is Granada's specialty. That can be all yours for $20 for a day.

Dominican Republic

For the Caribbean lovers, Dominican Republic can be the next best and cheapest choice for the holiday. In the Dominican Republic, you need only $30 bucks a day to travel, eat, drink and sleep. Free coffee, banana boats, scuba diving, parasailing, white sands and Gourmet food, is only the first part of this subterranean charming place.

There are still plenty of places where you can holiday with $30-50 a day namely Bosnia, Barcelona, Thrace, York, and much more. But the only way to make your trip cheaper at these budget-friendly places is to live, bargain, drink, eat and shop as locals!