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Yoga will benefit poor Muslims, can't commit anything on support to Narendra Modi in 2019: Swami Ramdev

New Delhi: Swami Ramdev is ecstatic over United Nations declaring June 21 as ‘International Yoga Day'. In an exclusive interview to indiatvnews.com, Swami Ramdev brushed aside the opposition to yoga from a section of Muslim community
Raj Singh June 29, 2015 17:38 IST
Raj Singh

New Delhi: Swami Ramdev is ecstatic over United Nations declaring June 21 as ‘International Yoga Day'.
In an exclusive interview to indiatvnews.com, Swami Ramdev brushed aside the opposition to yoga from a section of Muslim community and said that it will actually help the poor among them.
Swami Ramdev, however, was not willing to commit if he would support Narendra Modi with the same vigor in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He preferred to remain silent on this question. Perhaps it showed his political dilemma.
Here goes the full text of the interview:
Q:  What is the significance of United Nations declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day? Can you say that the credit for this UN declaration also goes to you as you are close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had made an appeal in UN General Assembly for celebration of ‘International Yoga Day'?
Swami Ramdev: June 21 is the biggest day. Since it is not related to any caste, creed or religion, it becomes a secular day. Yoga is a scientific, universal and secular day. Yoga should not be limited to a single day. It should become a part of our lifestyle so that we could keep lifestyle diseases at bay.
As far as credit is concerned, I am thankful to the god that he gave me the opportunity of becoming a medium for taking Yoga to each and every household of this country. I have helped Yoga reach to different corners of the world, as far as possible. My yoga programs are telecast in around 175 countries on different channels.
From social and spiritual perspective, the credit for spreading Yoga goes to many people people who are working in this field. I would not like to take the entire credit myself. I believe in collective credit.
On political level, Narendra Modi managed to get the support of 177 countries including 47 Muslim countries. It was a big achievement. On one hand, it has boosted the prestige of India, at the same time; it has provided the world with a way to live a healthy and tension-free life.
Before taking over as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had told me,” Swami ji, you people have given all your blessings to me. After June 21st, I'll do things to take your objective and determination forward.

Q: What would be your message to those Muslims who are opposing Yoga?
Swami Ramdev:  Yoga is a combined heritage of Hindus and Muslims. One should not see any politics in Yoga. Both Hindus and Muslims had same ancestors and they used to practice yoga. Therefore Yoga should not be looked upon with a religious prism.
Majority of Muslims in India are poor. From where will they bring money for medicines? With the help of  a few asanas, pranayama and exercise, they can get rid of ailments like Blood Pressure (BP), Sugar, heart disease, arthritis and stomach related problems. They can save money by doing yoga. It will bring them happiness.
Practice of Yoga will bring Muslims closer to Hindus. It will help Hindus and Muslims gel better.
A section of Muslims which is less educated blindly follows their big political leaders. This is why this section opposes Yoga because they think what their big leaders are saying may be right.
Then there are people who want to oppose BJP and Narendra Modi and therefore they also start opposing Yoga. I want to tell them one thing.  You have all the rights to oppose Modi, BJP and RSS, If you want, you can also oppose me but don't oppose yoga.  Yoga is for the betterment of everybody.
Q: Swami ji, in view of busy schedule of people nowadays, what important asanas would you recommend to a common man? If I were to ask Top 10 asanas for commom man.
Swami Ramdev: one can easily get enough time for performing at least 5 ‘pranayama'  and 5 small physical exercises (sukshma asanas) that will keep him healthy besides ensuring  that he is free of mental stress.

I'll suggest 5 pranayam that everyone should do:
1.            Bhastrika Pranayam
2.            Kapal Bhati Pranayam
3.            Anulom Vilom Pranayam
4.            Bhramari Pranayam
5.            Udgeeth Pranayam
In addition to these 5 Pranayam, a few minor physical exercises will be quite helpful.
1.            Vajrasana
2.            Mandukasana
3.            Shashankasana
4.            Vakrasana
5.            Gomukhasana

Q:  Coming to Lalit Modi controversy, do you believe that the time has arrived for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ask both Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje Scindia to resign from their posts?
Swami Ramdev: As far as Sushma Swaraj is concerned, I believe that a person's 40 year long poltical career can't be assessed on the basis of one incident. Sushma Swaraj's political career has been totally spotless and immaculate. She should not be dragged into this controversy in this way. She extended help on humanitarian ground. And even if she had family relationships with Lalit Modi, it should not be judged this way.
If Lalit Modi has committed any economic offence then punish him. Why Sushma be punished for the crimes of Lalit Modi? She just helped a patient on humanitarian ground.
As far as Vasundhara Raje is concerned, she has also accepted her family relationships. We'll have to look into it.