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Shahnaz Husain's Beauty Lesson 4: Healthy tips to shed extra kilos

New Delhi: Here we are back with the fourth edition of beauty tips from Shahnaz Husain, the herbal legend. Today we will tell you about the ways to achieve body fitness.Healthy mind lives in a
India TV News Desk September 30, 2015 21:25 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Here we are back with the fourth edition of beauty tips from Shahnaz Husain, the herbal legend. Today we will tell you about the ways to achieve body fitness.

Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And for achieving a healthy body, it is important to be physically fit. Obesity, undoubtedly, is a serious concern as India stand's third in the list of most obese countries in the world.

Beauty queen Shahnaz Husain has given some really helpful tips and advice in the interview to IndiaTV.com on how to deal with the fat ‘demon'.  

Q: Physical fitness is important for leading a good life. What are some specific exercises and foods that can help people lose extra kilos?

SH: If you have always been overweight, you need to consult a doctor before trying to lose weight. The best thing to do is to follow a weight-reducing diet or taking up exercises, under supervised guidance.

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Cutting down on the diet can mean cutting down on nutrients and essential food elements. So ensure that you have a balanced diet.

A balanced diet should contain a variety of foods, so that all the essential nutrients are available. Ayurveda advocates that 40% to 60% of the diet should contain of whole grain cereals.

Vegetables and fruits should form 30% to 50% of the diet and 10% to 20% should come from high quality proteins. Ayurveda, of course, also recommends adjusting the diet according to the “dosha” (imbalance), but this is a general guideline. Bringing gradual change in diet makes a difference. Six easy steps to keep a check on weight is:

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1.  Avoid eating desserts after meals and stick to fresh fruits.

2. Take clear soups (without butter) and salads before the main course.

3. Avoid rich gravies.

4. Cut down on your intake of cereals.

5. Have enough fresh fruits, salads, sprouts, curd made from skimmed milk, cottage cheese or paneer, lightly cooked vegetables, fish and chicken.

6. Avoid snacks between meals. If you feel like having a snack, go for fruit, carrot or cucumber. You can make these tasty and appetizing by adding lemon juice and chaat masala.

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Q: What exercises you recommend for reducing weight? Also suggest the right time to start.

SH: For exercise, start with a daily walk at a brisk pace, but increase the distance and pace gradually. You can also take up stretching exercises or yoga. There are many physical activities one can choose from, like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, skipping and so on.

Remember to take your doctor's "go ahead" before taking up any regular exercise programme. An organised programme, under professional guidance can also have several benefits. These are usually programmed towards better functioning of the body, starting with light exercises and then progressing to more strenuous ones. This ensures that the body gets used to physical activity and there is no strain on any body part.