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166 new cases of Swine Flu in Delhi: 6 tips to prevent the H1N1 infection

Use a proper disinfectants to clean the things if you’ve been living with a H1N1 patient.
Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi August 09, 2017 11:26 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk
166 fresh cases of swine flu have been reported from Delhi which makes the total count to 517. The virus has so far claimed four lives in the capital as per the official data provided by health ministry. In Orissa, the virus has claimed so far three lives this year, while the number of cases in Uttar Pradesh. Due to high humidity and favourable conditions for virus to flourish, the disease is likely to stay put for some more time. Although, there’s a vaccine but the disease can still be dangerous. 
Keeping that in mind, let’s study few things which you should  do to prevent swine flu.

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Don’t think that seasonal flu vaccination is going to prevent swine flu 

The seasonal flu vaccine doesn’t do anything to protect your against swine flu. There’s a separate vaccine for swine flu. It is best to get both the vaccines. 

Don’t expect face mask to prevent swine flu prevention 

The face masks are not effective in preventing the transmission of H1NI virus. Even the N95 respirators won’t do any good towards its prevention. If you’re at high risk of infection, avoid being in a crowded setting.  

Maintain hygiene 

The flu viruses can linger on books, toys, countertops, doorknobs, phones, utensils and other objects. Use a proper disinfectants to clean the things if you’ve been living with a H1N1 patient. 

Tulsi to the rescue 

Wash the leaves of Tulsi and have it everyday in the morning. It keeps throat and lungs clear. This is one of the tested ways to strengthen your immunity. But don’t rely entirely on it. 

Wash your hands frequently 

If possible, wash your hands after touching things like door handles, knobs, handrails, countertops, etc. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands when the soap and water is not available. 

Avoid contact with people suffering from Swine flu 

This is the most important preventive measure to avoid H1N1 infection. Coming in contact with an infected person might lead you to catch the infection. 
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