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There’s a secret expiration date on your makeup products. Did you see it?

You need to throw away some of your beauty products ASAP!
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi April 27, 2017 17:27 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Do you like to stash new makeup products in your vanity? But do you check the expiry dates of your cosmetics before using them on your skin? Just like makeup can’t stay all day, they cannot last for a lifetime. 

Eventually, you’ll have to throw your favourite lipstick or mascara in the bin and bring the new ones. As the time passes, makeup loses their quality. Some even get stale enough to give you acne and rashes. Thanks to the bacteria build-up, but using expired makeup products will do more harm than good. 

Figuring out where the expiry date of the cosmetic is written? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Grab your beauty product and give a careful look the weird symbol given at it. 

Still didn’t find it? Here’s what it looks like. 

There’s a tiny symbol on the label that people choose to ignore. But believe me, it is the most important symbol on the cosmetic if you care about your skin. This symbol tells you how long your beauty product will long after you’ve opened them. 

This symbol is technically known as the PAO or Period After Opening. Usually, it depicts the months up to which the product is safe to use. The PAO symbol was introduced in 2005 by the European Comission which mandates all the cosmetic brands with a shelf life of 30 months or more to feature the symbol on their packaging. Mentioning the shelf life of the product is considered to be the manufacturer’s responsibility towards the customer. 

Go through your makeup box carefully, you’ll find this symbol on every single product. Products like face primer, foundation and blush last for 24 months after being opened. 

Lip products expire sooner than other products. The PAO icon on the lip products suggests that you shouldn’t use the lip products after 12 months once you’ve opened the seal. 

Mascara, which is used on the most delicate part of your face, that is your eyes, needs to be replaced even more often. Get rid of mascara once it starts getting dry to prevent eye infections. 

Now rush to your dressing table and start going through your makeup products. 

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