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10 possible reasons why you have a headache every day

Most of the people like popping a pain reliever pill every time they suffer a headache. But what if this maniac headache visits you everyday?
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi April 20, 2017 11:01 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Most of the people like popping a pain reliever pill every time they suffer a headache. But what if this maniac headache visits you everyday? Women in their reproductive age are the worst affected by a headache. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four women under 45 years old suffer from severe headaches everyday. 

Are you one among then? There are many headache triggers. Check out the list of some possible causes behind your everyday headache. 


This is the primary reason for headaches around the world. Stress releases a cascade of hormones in your body which tighten your muscles and cause a headache. 

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Monthly fluctuation of hormones like progesterone and estrogen can also cause a headache. Menstrual headaches are common but it shouldn’t last for a day or two. 

High Blood Pressure 

Daily headaches are a symptom of hypertension. Get your blood pressure checked. Your high blood pressure might be the reason behind your chronic headache. 

Dental Issues 

Sounds surprising? But it’s true. Pain in your teeth, jaw or a tooth decay can crawl up to your head. It is known as referred pain. 


Thanks to the mobiles and gadgets that most of the people have a really hard time falling asleep. Lack of sleep plays a havoc on your body. Chronic insomnia can lead to chronic headaches. 


A little caffeine can cure a headache. But too much of it can cause a new one. Keep your caffeine intake in check if you want headache-free days. 

Certain Foods 

Processed foods are one of the reasons why people suffer chronic headaches. Stick to whole grain, fruits, vegetable and natural food as much as you can. 


Some people are sensitive to fragrance. Thus, they suffer a headache whenever they come in contact with a perfume. Similarly, you can be sensitive to anything like smell, light or flavours that are triggering your headache.

Autoimmune Diseases 

A chronic headache might be a warning sign of an autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis, lupus or a nerve damage. Consult your doctor immediately to rule out any possibility. 

Your Phone 

Using too much phone throughout the day? Your neck muscles are stressed when you keep your face glued to your smartphone. Plus, the screen brightness can also affect your eyes. Give your phone a break. 

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