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You should NEVER take a selfie from the right-hand side

Have you noticed that celebrities never take their selfies from the right-hand side?
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi April 19, 2017 18:23 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Have you noticed that celebrities never take their selfies from the right-hand side? There’s been a secret to take Instagram-worthy selfies that these celebs have been hiding from us. 

Scientists have revealed a perfect formula to take the best selfie and it all zeroes down to an angle. 

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According to Dr. Anukka Lindell from La Trobe University, Melbourne, most of the Instagrammers prefer to snap themselves from the left-hand side as it gets the most flattering picture on the screen. 

Taking pictures from the left makes your face appear slimmer and prettier. The so-called left cheek bias is responsible for how good you look in a selfie. 

The professor scrolled through 2,000 selfies on Instagram and noticed most of them were taken from the left-hand side and not from the right. 

Writing in Frontiers in Psychology, Dr Lindell explained:  'Comparing only left and right cheek poses indicates that selfie takers show a left cheek bias: 53.17 per cent left cheek selfies; 46.83 per cent right cheek selfies.' 

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The midline portraits, on the other hand look blander like a driving license or a passport photo. However, they are emotionally more expressive than the left cheek poses. 

Left cheek poses, on the other hand, highlights the cheekbones and makes the face of the subject appear slimmer. 

The findings have also concluded that on an average, a woman discards six selfies for each selfie uploaded. 

So, if you want your selfies to look more flattering on social media, ditch the right-hand side poses.