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Here’re some tips to buy right leather shoes

Here are few tips by experts that will help you to select right leather shoes.
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi June 19, 2017 10:30 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Leather shoes enhance your personality and gives a classy yet stylish look. But, there are some things that you should keep in mind while buying a pair of leather shoes. Experts have suggested that while shopping, people should keep in mind the texture, insole and lining of the shoe. These tips will surely help you to get a perfect pair of leather shoe for yourself.

One of the easiest ways to check the authenticity of leather is through touch and feel. By pressing the texture of the leather -- if it is real, the texture would seem wrinkled and pulled. Also, genuine leather gives more of a natural and swanky touch.

Shoe fitting is another is most important factor to be considered while buying leather shoes. A leather shoe -- if made by an experienced craftsman -- will not only fit you well, but will act as a part of your foot. A good fitting shoe will last longer as the chances of getting wrinkles or the shoe getting out of shape is ruled out.

The insole and lining of the shoe also plays an important role for shoes life than the shoe upper. A perfect pair of shoes should have an extra padded insole. An extra layer of cushioning between the feet and the shoe makes the grip comfortable and sturdy.

Genuine leather on the insole and lining helps the shoes to revive for longer and also eliminates the chances of bad foot odour.

Another important aspect of leather shoes is its fragrance. Leather shoes have a rich fragrance which is typical of leather and cannot come from fake leather. Also, genuine leather does not have odour of chemicals or plastic.

Examining the details of the sole is also considered to be an essential element before investing in the shoes and can be an important quality indicator. There are varied types of soles ranging from rubber, leather sole, to extra light weight sole for longer walking hours.

It is recommended that the soles of the shoes should be stitched to the upper surface rather than glued. Genuine leather shoes sole can be replaced anytime throughout its life and can get life again after wear and tear.

Follow aesthetic and visual sensibilities while shopping a pair of leather shoes. If the pairs are handcrafted or hand painted, one should analyse the finesse in terms of colour finishing and stitching details. The stitching should be neat and barely noticeable.

You have to check if there is a plastic layer on your shoes as this shiny coat fades with time and reduces the life of shoes.

 (With IANS Inputs)