News Technology From digital revolution to AI: Here's what PM Modi discussed with Bill Gates

From digital revolution to AI: Here's what PM Modi discussed with Bill Gates

During his recent trip to India, Bill Gates met with Prime Minister Modi to discuss various topics including digital revolution and artificial intelligence. Bill Gates also commended Indians for their quick adoption of technology and their ability to lead the way.

PM Modi interaction with Bill Gates Image Source : NARENDRA MODI (X)PM Modi interaction with Bill Gates (representational image)

PM Modi recently held an interaction with billionaire investor and philanthropist Bill Gates at his residence in New Delhi. The interaction was available on March 29. PM Modi started the discussion by mentioning the G20 Summit, which was held last year in India. He said that the summit took a lot of turns and asked Bill Gates about his first-hand experience. The billionaire called the 2023 G20 summit "inclusive" and fantastic to see India raising "things like digital innovations". 

Digital revolution in India

They also discussed the Digital revolution in India. PM Modi said that during the G20 Summit in Indonesia, representatives from around the world were curious about the digital revolution in the country. Microsoft co-founder appreciated the Digital revolution in India and said, "India is not only adapting technology but it is actually leading the way". 

Challenges and opportunities of AI

The two discussed the importance and advantages of technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The Prime Minister explained to Gates how AI was used during the 2023 G20 Summit, as well as during the Kashi Tamil Sangamam event where his Hindi speech was translated into Tamil. Modi also mentioned the use of AI in his own NaMo App.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that India fell behind during the first and second industrial revolutions due to the country's colonial status. However, in the current era of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital element is at the core of advancements. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that India will reap significant benefits from this revolution.

During the discussion with Bill Gates, Prime Minister Modi was asked about India's perspective on AI. In response, the PM expressed concern that relying on AI as a "magic tool" could lead to grave injustices, and that using it out of laziness would be the wrong approach. He even suggested a competition with ChatGPT to motivate himself to surpass AI.

Bill Gates also weighed in on the opportunities and challenges of AI, noting that these are still early days in the field. He acknowledged that AI has the potential to do difficult tasks, but warned that it could also fail at seemingly easy ones. Despite the immense potential of AI, there are still several challenges that need to be addressed.


During the conversation about the challenges posed by artificial intelligence, Bill Gates asked PM Modi about India's approach to these challenges. In response, PM Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of proper training in the use of AI. He stated that if such a powerful tool is used by someone without the necessary training, it is likely to be misused. To prevent the spread of misinformation, Modi suggested that clear watermarks should be placed on AI-generated content.

He also said that in a democratic country like India, anyone can use deepfake technology, so it is crucial to acknowledge that deepfake content is AI-generated. Modi also emphasized the need to establish guidelines to ensure responsible use of AI.

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