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5 best looks of the fashionista tennis star, Serena Williams

New Delhi: Ace tennis player Serena Williams is a piece of marvel both on and off the court. Winning it seems is her habit, which is why she is the reigning champion of the Australian
India TV News Desk September 05, 2015 18:33 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Ace tennis player Serena Williams is a piece of marvel both on and off the court. Winning it seems is her habit, which is why she is the reigning champion of the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon, U.S. Open, WTA Tour Championships and Olympic women's singles and doubles.

Serena, however, is not only the greatest women tennis player of all time but also a fashion icon. She proudly announces in her acquaintance with the New York Magazine, “We brought fashion back to tennis.”

Well, we can't argue with her on this. Her sister Venus Williams, and she donned colourful outfits to the court and their dresses were as interesting as their performances.  Serena broke the monotony of whites on the tennis court and went on proving that her love for fashion can be very well combined with passion for tennis.

On one occasion, Serena had admitted that if not a tennis player she would have been a wedding dress designer and post her retirement from the sport, wishes to pursue that dream.

Known for her sartorial taste, she dived into the world of fashion by launching the fashion line ‘Arenes' in 2007. Later, she joined hands with Home Shopping Network (HSN) to launch a signature collection. This luxury line was first restricted to accessories but since, 2014, it ventured into ready-to-wear too. Her spring collection was applauded at its showcase in the New York Fashion Week.

We bring to you 5 images of Serena which show that she is probably the most stylish tennis player there is.



White coat, trousers, stilettos and a luxury watch; all the ingredients for a modish look found the impeccable person to pull it off, Serena. This picture of her was to mark her friendship with the luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet in 2014. The watch brand could never have found anyone better to embody their brand's soul; "To break the rules, you must first master them".



Williams introduced her collection of apparel last year in the New York Fashion Week. At her entry in the show, she dropped jaws just like her voguish collection. Clad in leather crop top and mini skirt combined with her perfect ramp walks in black heels, supermodels felt a fierce competition. Her collection's silhouettes impressed every viewer of the show and it was declared a huge hit very soon.



When Williams featured on the cover of New York Magazine, the magazine knew it would be one of their best editions. For a fashion magazine whose spreads are populated by the likes of Kardashians, Jenners and Victoria Secrets' models; Serena wasn't in any way less than them. The edition focussed on how Serena has been an inspiration for black women all around the world and has redefined feminism. In this long sleeves, high neck and thigh high slit black dress, she proved that she is a perfect blend of female grace and valiant sportsmanship.



Another one from her much talked about presence on New York Magazine. Wearing a body suit Serena was seen with her little Yorkie, Chip. As she showed off her trophies and chose minimal accessories to tone her look up, she asserted that even in her laid back mood, she is no stranger to fashion.



The fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar once captured Serena's fashion at a place where she is at her best, the tennis court. With tennis racket in hand, Williams nailed the photo shoot wearing a red body hugging dress. While she was being captured, Serena had exclaimed, "I feel like I would play a little better if I were as tall as I am in these stilettos."