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Bcoz my dad is the boss! 24-year-old overweight Ethiopian swimmer flaunts ‘Dad Bod’ in style at Rio!

24-year-old overweight Ethiopian swimmer flaunts ‘Dad Bod’ in style at Rio.
India TV Sports Desk New Delhi August 11, 2016 19:24 IST
India TV Sports Desk

Olympic swimmers are known for their Greek God like physique and athletic bodies. But it seems this perception is about to change soon courtesy Ethiopia’s Olympic debutant Robel Hiros Habte.

He is making the waves at the Rio for his ‘dad bod’. The 24-year-old guy took to the pool in the 100m freestyle diving flaunting a chubby and flabby body.

Weighing 81 Kg Habte had no competition in physique with other finely-honed denizens of the Olympic pool and it reflected in his performance as well.

He finished the race 50 seconds slower than Australian heat winner Kyle Chalmers.

However for Habte it didn’t matter where he finished as the swimmer was delighted to participate at the international event.

Though, Habte’s appearance and performance in the pool posed the question as to how he actually qualified for the Games in the first place.

Many of the media reports, though unconfirmed, say that Habte’s father is the President of the Ethiopian Swimming Federation. So, we know how it must have happened!

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