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ICC Champions Trophy 2017, India vs Sri Lanka: As it happened

Pedestrian bowling performance from defending champions India saw them slump to an unexpected seven-wicket defeat against Sri Lanka in a high-scoring ICC Champions Trophy Group B match on Thursday.
Subhasish Dutta New Delhi June 08, 2017 23:52 IST
Subhasish Dutta

Unheralded Sri Lanka sprung the highest successful run chase in Champions Trophy history by stunning India by seven wickets at The Oval on Thursday. Defending champions India made an imposing 321/6, the fourth highest total in Champions Trophy history, but Sri Lanka, without two of their best batsmen, trumped that with 322/3 with eight balls to spare. Sri Lanka didn't do it without drama under leaden skies. Danushka Gunathilaka, who joined the team only on Wednesday as an injury replacement, and Kusal Mendis were run out for 76 and 89 respectively in mid-innings, then Kusal Perera, hobbling on a suspected right hamstring injury, retired hurt on 47 with seven overs to go.  (SCORECARD)

But fit-again captain Angelo Mathews, playing his first one-day international since August, saw his side home beside Asela Gunaratne. Mathews blasted an unbeaten 52 off 45 balls and Gunaratne 34 off 21 to cap the most successful run chase in the 44-year history of ODIs at The Oval.

Sri Lanka were coming off a 96-run loss to South Africa, while India appeared unstoppable after demolishing Pakistan and easily winning their warm-up matches against Bangladesh and New Zealand.

But after missing out on a tournament-record eighth straight Trophy win dating to 2013, India's defeat has turned the remaining Group B matches into virtual quarterfinals: India vs. South Africa on Sunday, followed by Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan on Monday.



22.50 IST: Sri Lanka (322/3) beat India (321/6) by 7 wickets. Mathews 52*, Mendis 89, Gunathilaka 76

22.48 IST: FOUR! Taking his team home, they're almost home! What a shot, picture perfect from the skipper. With the full face of the bat, he drives it back down the ground aerially and picks up a boundary. Brings up his 33rd fifty with that too. Just 1 run needed to win this game.

22.45 IST: Two overs remaining and Sri Lanka need just eight more to win.

22.38 IST: FOUR! Mathews hits Bhuvneshwar for a boundary to start the over! He has placed this to perfection. Back of a length well outside off, Angelo Mathews stands tall and cuts it behind point. Nobody out there in the deep and the ball races away to the boundary line. SL 309/3 in 47 overs

22.34 IST: SIX! What a shot from Gunaratne off Bumrah! Best shot of the innings. Down on his knees and sweeps Bumrah over backward square leg. SL 301/3 in 46 overs

22.31 IST: FOUR! Gunaratne finishes off Bhuvneshwar's over with a boundary. Gunaratne is playing a superb knock here. Expecting the full ball to come, he makes a lot of room for himself and carves it through point to send it across the rope for a boundary. Just 32 needed from 30 now, Sri Lanka are on the road to getting the job done. Terrific over for Sri Lanka - 11 off it. They are 290/3 in 45 overs 

22.29 IST: FOUR! Gunaratne hits Bhuvneshwar for a boundary! That's right in the gap, very good hands from Asela Gunaratne. Back of a length on the stumps, it's pulled along the ground past square leg for a boundary.

22.25 IST: SIX! Gunaratne hits Umesh for a maximum. Short and angling into the body, Gunaratne swivels and with excellent balance, pulls it deep into the fine leg stands for a maximum. SL 279/3 in 44 overs

22.23 IST: Kusal Perera is walking off the field. That hamstring is bothering him a lot and so, is going off retired hurt. Asela Gunaratne is going to replace him in the middle.

22.15 IST: FOUR! Another superb shot from Mathews off Umesh. Sri Lanka are running away with the game. This is excellent batting from Mathews. He knows where the fielders are, walks across to this fuller ball and lofts it over backward square leg for a boundary. SL 265/3 in 42 overs

22.12 IST: FOUR! Mathews wants to make sure the match finishes off quickly. He hits Umesh for a boundary. The Sri Lankan skipper makes room to this fuller ball and lofts it over extra cover for a boundary. Clean hit, went right off the meat of the bat.

22.08 IST: FOUR! Poor fielding from Kedar Jadhav as Perera gets a boundary. It could have been just a single. Full toss on the stumps, Kusal Perera lofts it over mid-wicket. Kedar Jadav out in the deep runs to his left and slides to stop it, but the ball turns away from him, like it happened to Yuvraj earlier in the match. Boundary to end the over, skipper Kohli isn't happy.SL 255/3 in 41 overs

22.06 IST: That's in the air but safe. Bumrah takes some pace off it and this forces Mathews to play the shot early. He chips it over mid-wicket off the inside half and luckily for him, it falls short of the fielder coming in from the deep to try and take it. One run added to the total.

22.03 IST: FOUR! Perera makes it worse for Umesh, hits him for a boundary to bring up the 50-run stand. Short into the pads, Perera clips it over the square leg region for a boundary. Sri Lanka are getting boundaries every over. SL 247/3 in 40 overs

22.01 IST: FOUR! Mathews hits Umesh for a boundary to deep midwicket. Much needed! Short delivery into the batsman, Mathews pulls it over the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

22.00 IST: Bumrah bowls a good over. He gives away just 5 runs. SL 237/3 in 39 overs

21.55 IST: A good over for India. Umesh Yadav gives away just 5 runs. SL 232/3 in 38 overs

21.51 IST: Four! A boundary from Perera off Pandya to end the over. Good length delivery outside off, Perera dances down the track and smashes that over the mid off fielder for a boundary. SL 227/3 in 37 overs

21.48 IST: FOUR! Mathews hits Pandya for a boundary to start the over. Short delivery into the body, Mathews shuffles across and jabs it through the backward square leg region for a single.

21.43 IST: Time for Drinks! This is the perfect time when the coaches will be out with their plans how to go about for the final 15 overs the game.

21.38 IST: OUT! Mendis run out for 89. Sri Lanka lose their third wicket. SL 196/3 in 33 overs

21.20 IST: Kohli comes on to bowl his second over. Can he get a breakthrough here? He gives away 5 runs. SL 184/2 in 30 overs

21.14 IST: RUN OUT! India finally get a breakthrough. Gunathilaka is run out for 76. Maybe not precisely, but Virat Kohli's bowling change has done the trick, in a way at least. Gunathilaka flicks this towards backward square leg and quickly calls for the second. Umesh Yadav runs to the ball and throws the ball to Dhoni. And as always, the Indian keeper is lightning with his glove work. Whips the bails off in the blink of an eye as Mendis dives to get back in. The decision goes upstairs and replays show that Mendis' bat is in the air when the bails are off. This is a big moment, India have broken the 159-run stand.SL 170/2 in 27.5 overs

21.11 IST: FOUR! Mendis shows no respect and welcomes Kohli with a boundary. Not the start he'd have liked to this bowling spell. He drops it short, Mendis stays back and pulls it through backward square leg for a boundary. 

21.11 IST: Captain Kohli decides to come and bowl an over. 

21.10 IST: Decent over from Jadhav. He gives away just 4 runs. SL 162/1 in 27 overs

21.06 IST: FOUR! Third consecutive boundary for Mendis in the over. It's all going Sri Lanka's way at the moment. Kusal Mendis and he is on fire here. 15 runs off the over for Sri Lanka. It's a short ball which is pulled away over backward square leg for a boundary. India put under pressure now, we certainly have a game on our hands! SL 158/1 in 26 overs

21.05 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Mendis off Pandya! Edged and away! Back of a length on the stumps, Mendis swivels to pull and gets a big top edge. It goes over the keeper's head and goes across the rope for a boundary.

21.04 IST: FOUR! Mendis brings up the 150 for Sri Lanka with a boundary off Pandya! Stand and delivery stuff from Kusal Mendis. It's on a bit of a fuller length around off, he stands tall and hammers it straight back over the bowler's head for a boundary.

21.03 IST: Dropped! But that was a difficult chance. Great effort from Rohit Sharma to even get to the ball, really. Gunathilaka lofts this towards long on and Rohit positioned there, is right at the rope. He comes running in and dives full stretch forward to take it. It goes into his hands but then spills out due to the impact from falling on the floor. Single completed.

21.01 IST: India are desperate for a breakthrough here as Sri Lanka are moving away with the game. SL 143/1 in 25 overs

20.58 IST: Good over for Sri Lanka. 16 off it. SL 141/1 in 24 overs

20.55 IST: SIX! Mendis brings up his fifty with a maximum off Jadeja. What a way to bring it up! He's taking on Jadeja and dealing with it amazingly well. It's tossed up to him, he comes ahead and slogs it over mid-wicket for a biggie. 

20.53 IST: Bumrah bowls a good over, gives away just 5 runs. SL 125/1 in 23 overs

20.48 IST: FOUR! A brilliant shot from Mendis to deep mid-wicket off Jadeja. Picked his spot well and executed it to perfection. Mendis kneels down to this tossed up delivery and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket to send it across the rope on the bounce. SL 120/1 in 22 overs

20.45 IST: A decent over from Bumrah, gives away just 5 runs. SL 113/1 in 21 overs

20.42 IST: FOUR! Mendis hits Jadeja to mid-wickets for a boundary to end the over. Short delivery and Mendis reads it really early to pull it over the mid-wicket region for a boundary. SL 108/1 in 20 overs

20.41 IST: FOUR! A missfield from Yuvraj gifts Kusal Mendis a boundary. Jadeja floats this one around middle and leg, Mendis comes down the track and clips it over the wide mid on region. Yuvraj charges towards it but cannot reach it. The ball just falls short, sticks in the turf and that beats Yuvraj to the fence.

20.40 IST: 100 comes up for Sri Lanka in 19.2 overs.

20.35 IST:  SIX! Fifty for Gunathilaka with a maximum off Pandya. That's a biggie! Short delivery into the batsman, Gunathilaka pulls it over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen. The southpaw is leading his side from the front and will look to continue with the bat. SL 98/1 in 19 overs

20.32 IST: A good over from Jadeja. He gives away just 3 runs. SL 90/1 in 18 overs. Umpires call for drinks! Sri Lanka are looking solid with the bat but they also know they have a daunting total to chase down. They will look to improve their run-rate a bit now. India, on the other hand, are looking for wickets but not that successful.

20.27 IST: FOUR! Good length delivery outside off, Gunathilaka goes hard at it. Gets a thick outside edge past the keeper for a boundary.

20.24 IST: FOUR! Another boundary from Gunathilaka off Bumrah to end the over. Fuller delivery around off, Gunathilaka smashes that straight down the ground for a boundary. SL 76/1 in 16 overs

20.23 IST: A huge shout for LBW! Angling into the batsmen from a good length, Gunathilaka fails to clip it through. Gets rapped high on the pads and the players appeal. The umpire stays undisturbed as it was too high.

20.20 IST: Dropped! Fuller delivery outside off, Mendis drives it back to the bowler. Hardik Pandya sticks his hand out to his left to take the catch but it does not stick. A chance goes down. SL 70/1 in 15 overs

20.17 IST: FOUR! Good way to end the over. Gunathilaka hits Bumrah for a boundary. SL 70/1 in 14 overs

20.15 IST: Run OUT chance! Gunathilaka pushes it towards the mid on region and calls for a quick single. Virat Kohli charges towards the ball to affect a run out but he cannot collect it cleanly.

20.13 IST: Kusal Mendis and Gunathilaka have steadied the Sri Lankan chase after the early loss of Dickwella. SL 62/1 in 13 overs

20.07 IST: FOUR! Mendis welcomes change-in pacer Jasprit Bumraj with a four. Brilliant shot! Good length delivery outside off, Mendis flays at it. Gets it through the cover-point region for a boundary. SL 57/1 in 11.3 overs


20.05 IST: Good over for SL! 9 off the Bhuvi over, SL 53/1 in 11 overs

20.02 IST: FOUR! Uncntrolled shot from Mendis off Kumar earns him four crucial runs. Brings down the fifty for Sri Lanka. SL 50/1 in 10.3 overs

19.58 IST: FOUR! Gunathilaka hits Umesh for a boundary.  That's a scintillating shot! As beautiful as anything you'll see today. Full on the stumps, Gunathilaka drives it back past his partner and beats mid on. No chance of stopping that, it's hit too well. SL 44/1 in 10 overs

19.54 IST: FOUR! Mendis hits Bhuvneshwar for a boundary.  Edged and away! Bhuvneshwar Kumar extracts some extra bounce off the surface and bowls a back of a length delivery outside off, Kusal Mendis looks to run it to third man but the ball goes off the outside edge. Flies past the slip fielder and away to the third man boundary. SL 38/1 in 9 overs

19.51 IST: FOUR! Superb stroke! All about the timing, that. Full and outside off, Gunathilaka plants his front foot forward and with the full face of the bat, drives it through extra cover. Beats the chasing fielder easily and goes across the rope. SL 34/1 in 8 overs

19.50 IST: SIX! Hit that beautifully, timed to perfection. Just used the pace of the ball and sent it all the way. Short and down leg, Gunathilaka swivels and pulls it over fine leg, into the stands for a biggie.

19.48 IST: Bhuvneshwar bowls a brilliant over, gives away just 5 runs. SL 22/1 in 7 overs

19.37 IST: OUT! Bhuvi removes Dickwella for 7 runs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar draws first blood! This is a big wicket for India. Everybody knows how dangerous he can be at the start of the innings, the Men in Blue will be tremendously pleased seeing him walk back. Good length delivery on off, shaping away ever so slightly, Dickwella swings across the line and ends up getting a top edge. It lobs over to point where Jadeja moves to his right and takes a simple catch. Sri Lanka off to a start they wouldn't have wanted. SL 11/1 in 4.4 overs

19.31 IST: WIDE! Banged in short by Umesh, signalled wide by umpire. 

19.29 IST: Another tidy over from the wily Kumar makes life tough for the Lankan openers. SL 7/0 in 3 overs

19.26 IST: India's bowling spearhead at the moment, Umesh Yadav starts confidently from the other end as he gave away just two runs from his first over. SL 4/0 in 2 overs

19:23 IST: Gunathilaka survives a direct-hit as Jadhav misses the stumps on the fourth delivery of the over, SL 2/0 in 1 over

19.19 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar start the proceedings for India, Sri Lankan openers Niroshan Dickwella and Danushka Gunathilaka come out to the centre. 


18.49 IST: FOUR! Another boundary from Jadhav to end the over. Slower delivery on a shorter length, Jadhav shuffles across and goes for the pull. Gets a top edge on it and the ball goes over the square leg region for a boundary. Surprisingly there was no one in the deep after two brilliant boundaries in the same over. India finish with 321/6 in 50 overs.

18.47 IST: FOUR! Jadhav hits Perera for a boundary to deep square leg. Jadhav is toying with the fielders! Fuller delivery outside off, Jadhav shuffles way across and sweeps this one from the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary.

18.46 IST: SIX! Jadhav hits Perera for a maximum. Full toss outside off, Jadhav shuffles across and plays a slog sweep which goes over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen. Brilliant shot!

18.46 IST: OUT! Perera removes Dhoni for 63. The helicopter shot comes out but this time it goes straight to the fielder! Full and wide outside off, Dhoni goes for it and tries to play his orthodox shot. Does not time it well and the ball goes straight to the fielder at long off. Chandimal settles under the sitter and takes it comfortably. A brilliant cameo from the former Indian skipper comes to an end. IND 307/6 in 49.2 overs 

18.43 IST: FOUR! Dhoni hits Malinga for a boundary to end the over. Wrong line again from Sri Lankan bowlers on the last ball of the over. Short and wide outside off, Dhoni cuts it through the point region for a boundary which again spoils a brilliant Malinga over. IND 306/5 in 49 overs

18.41 IST: 300 comes up for India! How much will they score? All depends on MS DHONI!

18.39 IST: SIX! Sheer power! Dhoni hits Perera for a maximum. One bad ball spoils a brilliant over! Full toss just outside off, Dhoni accepts it with a smile and sends that packing well over the mid-wicket region for a 86 meter maximum. IND 297/5 in 48 overs

18.37 IST: Fifty for Dhoni off 46 balls. Fuller delivery outside off, Dhoni drives it towards long off for a single. That's been a fluent knock from the Indian wicket-keeper. IND 290/5 in 47.3 overs

18.35 IST: FOUR! A boundary from Jadhav to end Pradeep's over. Slower delivery down the leg side, Jadhav clips it neatly past the keeper for a boundary. IND 289/5 in 47 overs 

18.31 IST: The onus will now be on Dhoni and Jadhav to give India a strong finish. IND 280/5 in 46 overs

18.29 IST: OUT! Lakmal removes Pandya for 9. Lakmal has his revenge! Full and wide outside off, Pandya throws his bat at it. Gets it over the cover region but cannot find the desired power. The ball flies towards the fielder at sweeper cover. Kushal Perera takes a good catch to send Pandya back to the hut. He could be dangerous in the end of the innings.

 IND 278/5 in 45.4 overs. Kedar Jadhav walks out to bat

18.27 IST: SIX! Pandya hits Lakmal for a maximum. A poor delivery by Lakmal and Pandya does not miss out! Full toss into the pads, Hardik shows his bottom hand power as he clips it over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen.

18.22 IST: FOUR! Slower delivery sprayed down the leg side, Dhoni clips it fine down the leg side for a boundary.

18.21 IST: OUT! Malinga removes Dhawan for 125. Malinga gets his second! Fuller delivery outside off, Dhawan swings his bat to it. Gets it towards the long on fielder. Kusal Mendis settles under it and takes it comfortably. A superb knock from the Indian opener comes to an end. IND 261/4 in 44.1 overs. Hardik Pandya walks in next.

18.17 IST: FOUR! Slow full toss outside off, Dhoni smacks that powerfully through the cover region. Pierces through the gaps and beats both the fielder in the deep for a boundary. IND 261/3 in 44 overs

18.12 IST: Two dot balls from Malinga to end the over. IND 251/3 in 43 overs

18.10 IST: 250 comes up for India. They would be looking to make it beyond 320.

18.08 IST: FOUR! All going wrong for Sri Lanka. Slow delivery from Malinga and a sweep for Dhawan. Dhawan gets away with another one! Slower delivery on a fuller length outside off, Dhawan plays the slog sweep on that. Gets it through the mid-wicket region. Two fielders were trying to reach it but no one gets to it. The deep mid-wicket goes to his left and puts in a dive but the ball goes over the fence on a bounce for a boundary.

18.05 IST: FOUR! MS Dhoni now dealing in boundaries. Another poor ball and Dhoni just smashed it for a four. Another full toss, another boundary! Low full toss outside off, Dhoni carves it through the point region for a boundary. IND 243/3 in 42 overs

18.05 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery from Pradeep and got exactly the treatment it deserved from Dhoni. You don't bowl those to Dhoni! Full toss outside off, Dhoni stays in his crease, uses his bottom hand and swings it powerfully through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

18.03 IST: SIX! Dhawan on a rampage! Hits Nuwan Pradeep for a maximum. This is Dhawan's first six of the innings and he puts the pressure on Sri Lanka. Short delivery into the body, Dhawan walked across, read the length well and helps the ball over the fine leg region for a maximum.

18.00 IST: FOUR! The ball wins the race! Fuller delivery outside off, Dhawan powers that along the ground through the mid off region. Gunaratne tries to cut it off from long off with a dive but he fails to stop it. IND 227/3 in 41 overs

17.57 IST: Good over for India, 11 runs off it. IND 218/3 in 40 overs

17.54 IST: FOUR! Dhawan slams 10th ODI hundred off 112 balls. This is his 3rd century in ICC Champions Trophy tournament. India 216/3 in 39.4 overs. Flawless knock from the southpaw, absolutely brilliant stuff. Has looked settled since he's walked out to bat and batted quite smartly. Sees it's on the shorter side and cuts it fiercely past point for a boundary.

17.52 IST: FOUR! Dhoni hits Nuwan Pradeep for a boundary. Dhoni picks the length up quickly, rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary. It looks like the former Indian captain is prepared to shit gears soon enough. Something Sri Lanka should take into account.

17.49 IST: FOUR! Dhawan moves to 97 with a boundary off Lakmal. A freebie from Lakmal, really. It's angling in on the pads, Dhawan just whips it through backward square leg. Nobody out there in the deep and that will go across the rope for a boundary. IND 207/3 in 39 overs

17.46 IST: Dhoni takes a single off Gunaratne to end the over. With this 200 comes up for India in 38 overs.

17.41 IST: FOUR! Beautiful placement. Dhoni goes deep inside his crease to this short ball and whips it past short fine leg and backward square leg for a boundary. IND 197/3 in 37 overs

17.38 IST: Gunaratne bowls a good over, gives away just 3 runs. IND 191/3 in 36 overs

17.34 IST: SIX! Dhoni hammers Lakmal for a six! Short and wide, MS Dhoni does not miss out that. Uses those strong wrists of his and cuts it over the third man boundary for a flat maximum. Wonderful hit. IND 188/3 in 35 overs

17:28 IST: MS Dhoni survives!  A loud shout by Gunaratne for the LBW, Sri Lankan skipper Angelo Mathews reviewed it, third umpire turns it down. IND 179/3 in 34 overs

17.26 IST: BOWLED by Asela Gunaratne! Yuvraj Singh chopped this one onto his stumps, The southpaw's short stay ends at the crease. He's gone for 7 off 18 deliveries. IND 179/3 in 33.3 overs

17.21 IST: Players take a breather, Drinks are on the field!

17.20 IST: Sri Lanka building up the pressure from both ends, as India plays another quiet over. IND 178/2 in 33 overs

17.17 IST: Just four singles from the over of Thisara Perera, IND 174/2 in 32 overs

17.14 IST: Tidy over from Gunathilaka, just a single run off it. IND 170/2 in 31 overs

17.13 IST: Loud Appeal for LBW against Yuvraj Singh, Umpire rejects. IND 169/2 in 30.3 overs

17.11 IST: Good over from Thisara Perera as he gives away just 3 runs. IND 169/2 in 30 overs

17.06 IST: FOUR! Dhawan is picking boundaries at will. Fuller delivery outside off from Gunathilaka and Dhawan drives it powerfully through the cover region for a boundary. IND 166/2 in 29 overs

17.04 IST: Back-to-back boundaries for Dhawan off Pradeep to end the over. IND 160/2 in 28 overs

17.03 IST: FOUR! Shot! Back of a length delivery outside off, Dhawan cuts it through the point region for another boundary.

17.02 IST: FOUR! Short delivery into the batsman, Dhawan pulls it through the backward square leg region for a boundary.

16.58 IST: FOUR! Dhawan is feasting off Malinga. This time through the off side. Malinga's slower delivery has been torn apart! Fuller delivery at a slower pace, Dhawan reads that really well and drives it elegantly through the cover region for a boundary. He has kept the scoring march on. IND 148/2 in 27 overs

16.57 IST: FOUR! Dhawan pulls Malinga for a boundary. Short delivery into the batsman, Dhawan pulls and pulls it hard. Through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

16.54 IST: OUT! Pradeep removes Kohli for a duck! Just what Sri Lanka wanted! Good length delivery outside off, Kohli tries to run it down this time. Gets an outside edge on it and the ball flies straight to the keeper. Dickwella accepts it gleefully and the dangerman has to depart without troubling the scoreboard. Reminds me of the struggle he had with this length four years back and that seems to have continued. IND 139/2 in 25.5 overs. Yuvraj Singh walks in next

16.50 IST: Huge noise from the crowd as Virat Kohli walks out to bat! If he gets set in, it will be dangerous for Sri Lanka.

16.48 IST: OUT! Malinga removes Rohit for 78. He gets his revenge. Short ball does the trick! Rohit goes for the pull but middles it and finds the fielder at fine leg who makes no mistake. Sri Lanka will want a couple of more quick wickets to get back in the game. IND 138/1 in 24.5 overs

16.46 IST: SIX! Flies over for a six! Nothing's going Sri Lanka's way! Short delivery into the body, Rohit goes for the hook. Gets a top edge on it and the ball flies over the short fine leg region for a maximum. 

16.45 IST: FOUR! Fifty comes up for Dhawan off 69 balls with a boundary off Malinga. Another freebie from Malinga this time! A rare fuller length delivery from him and Dhawan pounces on it. Drives it beautifully through the extra cover region for a boundary. A fluent knock from the southpaw and that's his second consecutive fifty.

16.43 IST: Another great over from Thisara Perera! He gives away just 3 runs. IND 127/0 in 24 overs

16.40 IST: The pressure is firmly on Sri Lanka now. They need gto find some way to stop the Indian openers. IND 124/0 in 23 overs

16.38 IST: FOUR! Superb shot! Rohit hits Malinga for a boundary on the up. Good length delivery outside off, Rohit Sharma smashes it through the extra cover region on the up. Ganguly on air mentions that Indians play Malinga quite well and that shot just proved that. 

16.34 IST: Another good over for Thisara Perera. He gives away just 2 runs! IND 116/0 in 22 overs

16.31 IST: FOUR! Good shot! Fuller around off, Rohit comes down the track and lofts it over the mid off fielder for a boundary. IND 114/0 in 21 overs

16.26 IST: SIX! This time Rohit pulls it away to backward square leg. He rocks back to this short ball and pulls it over backward square leg for a maximum. IND 107/0 in 20 overs

16.25 IST: SIX! Rohit Sharma brings up his fifty in style! With this the 100-run opening stand also comes uo between the two. It is the 10th century-run stand between Rohit and Dhawan. That's a poor effort from Asela Gunaratne. His positioning was off to begin with, came running in and then had to backpedal which cost him that catch. Rohit Sharma pulled it aerially to deep square leg and Asela dropped it over the rope for a biggie. At this level, you should be taking those.

16.24 IST: India have motored along well here at a good rate, without the loss of a single wicket. Sri Lanka haven't used the conditions on offer to their advantage. They need a wicket here and need it quick. IND 94/0 in 19 overs

16.21 IST: Tight over from Thisara Perera. He gives away just 3 runs. IND 89/0 in 18 overs

16.14 IST: Time for Drinks! The Indian openers are going strong at the moment and they would look to carry on the momentum from here. IND 86/0 in 17 overs

16.12 IST: FOUR! A boundary for Rohit off Gunathilaka. Poor line, poor length and that's put away by Rohit Sharma. He gets low to this as it's dropped outside leg and sweeps it fine down the leg side. Malinga at fine leg runs to his right and puts in a dive to stop it, but all in vain. The ball goes off his hands and touches the rope. IND 85/0 in 16.3 overs

16.11 IST: Huge appeal for a LBW off Dhawan! But umpire turns it down! Always sliding down leg. Flatter ball coming in, Dhawan kneels down to sweep but is rapped on the front pad. A leg bye is taken by the batsmen.

16.10 IST: Another decent over for India as Nuwan Pradeep gives away 5 runs. IND 79/0 in 16 overs

16.06 IST: Gunathilaka gives away 6 off his first over. IND 74/0 in 15 overs

16.05 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery to start things off and Dhawan punishes him. It is short, flat and down the leg side, Dhawan goes back and hits it past the keeper fine down the leg side. No chance of stopping that, the ball races away to the fence. 

16.04 IST: Off-spinner Danushka Gunathilaka comes into the attack!

16.03 IST: Nuwan Pradeep gives away 5 runs. IND 68/0 in 14 overs

16.00 IST: India look set for a 300+ score now. Both Rohit and Shikhar have given the team a confident start and the defending champions will look to build on from here. IND 63/0 in 13 overs

15.55 IST: Another good over for India. Nuwan Pradeep gives away 8 runs. IND 59/0 in 12 overs

15.50 IST: Indian openers look to have settled properly now and will now aim to build on from here. IND 51/0 in 11 overs

15.48 IST: Fifty comes up for India in 10.2 overs. Ninth fifty-run stand between Rohit and Dhawan.

15.46 IST: A good over from Sri Lanka's point of view. IND 48/0 in 10 overs. Second Powerplay also signalled. It has been a solid start for India so far. They have managed to see off the early overs without losing a wicket. A start Virat Kohli would have hoped for,

15.42 IST: FOUR! Another boundary from Rohit to end Lakmal's over. Short delivery outside off and Rohit cuts it really hard. The backward point dives to his right but he cannot stop it as the ball races away to the fence. IND 46/0 in 9 overs

15.39 IST: FOUR! Rohit hits Lakmal for a boundary! A bit short and angling into the batsman. Sharma picks it up early and hoicks it over the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

15.38 IST: Change in bowling for Sri Lanka as Suranga Lakmal has replaced Malinga.

15.36 IST: That was close! Rohit Sharma could have gone had it been a direct hit! Good length delivery around middle from Nuwam Pradeep and Rohit defends it with soft hands on the leg side and calls for a single. Nuwan Pradeep chases it down and has a shy at the bowler's end. Luckily he misses because had he hit, Rohit would've been gone. IND 36/0 in 8 overs

15.32 IST: Malinga is bowling too full which is allowing Dhawan to play through the line. He needs to get his line right and make Dhawan drive. End of an another good over for India. They are 32/0 in 7 overs

15.28 IST: Great over for India! Lakmal gives away 10 runs off it! IND 27/0 in 6 overs

15.27 IST: FOUR! Dhawan looks in a good nick! Well directed short delivery into the batsman, Shikhar goes for the pull. Gets a top edge on it and the ball flies over the keeper's head for a boundary.

15.26 IST: FOUR! Dhawan walks the talk this time! Length delivery around off, Shikhar steps out of his crease and drives it on the up through the cover region for a boundary.

15.25 IST: FOUR! Dhawan finishes the over with a boundary off Malinga. Just what we were talking about! This Indian opening line-ups is difficult to keep them quiet for long. As crisp as it can get! Fuller delivery outside off, Dhawan leans into it and creams it through the extra cover region for a boundary. There is no stopping those. IND 17/0 in 5 overs

15.22 IST: So far the Sri Lankan pacers have managed to keep the Indian openers quiet. But for how long?

15.20 IST: Looking at the conditions, Sri Lanka have gone in with four seamers - Malinga, Lakmal, Thisara Perera and Nuwan Pradeep. Meanwhile, it has been a cautious start for the Indian openers so far. They are not looking in a hurry. IND 12/0 in 4 overs

15.14 IST: Good second over from Malinga. He gives away just 2 runs. IND 12/0 in 3 overs 

15.08 IST: FOUR! Dhawan hits Lakmal for a boundary. A boundary apiece for the openers. Good length delivery outside off, Dhawan waits for it and punches it past the diving point fielder for a boundary. IND 10/0 in 2 overs

15.06 IST: Right-arm medium pacer Suranga Lakmal will share the new ball with Malinga.

15.05 IST: First over done and dusted! Malinga gives away just four from it. IND 4/0 in 1 over

15.01 IST: FOUR! What a way to get off the mark for India! Back of a length delivery from Malinga, swinging away. Rohit Sharma stays in his crease and punches that through the cover region for a boundary.

15.00 IST: Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are out in the middle to open the innings for India. Meanwhile, Lasith Malinga to start the proceedings for Sri Lanka. With two slips in place, we are all set for the first ball. Here we go...

14.55 IST: Meanwhile, take a look at India TV's video analysis for the match.

14.54 IST: Both the teams along with the match officials are out in the middle and it is now time for the National Anthems.

14.53 IST:

Pitch Report:

Saba Karim reckons that the wicket is a new one and has good grass covering on it. He adds that since it has never been used before, it doesn't have any cracks on it for the spinners and with the overcast conditions and the hard surface, the team batting first will find it tough. Meanwhile, Shaun Pollock says that despite the conditions, once the batsmen get their eye in, it would be a very good deck to bat on.

14.50 IST: 

Playing XIs:

Sri Lanka: Niroshan Dickwella (WK), Danushka Gunathilaka, Kusal Mendis, Angelo Mathews (C), Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Perera, Asela Gunaratne, Thisara Perera, Suranga Lakmal, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Pradeep

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (C), Yuvraj Singh, Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni (WK), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah

14.40 IST: 

Captain's Talk:

Virat Kohli: We would have bowled first as well, but the pitch here is very good, doesn't change much. So we are not worried much about the toss. The conditions apparently are going to stay the same. So we do have to bat well at any stage of the game. The team is in a good space. We have brought good momentum into the game, but we need to play good cricket today to win. We are unchanged. Maybe for the next one we will look to do something different. Yuvi has been playing well since his return, had a decent IPL as well and he comes to England and gets runs. Rohit playing well too, him in form is a great sign and gives the others a bit of cushion. We got to play consistent cricket. We got to respect the opposition, the conditions and embrace the challenge which is in front of us now.

Angelo Mathews: We will bowl first. There is grass on the wicket and it is overcast as well. Upul Tharanga is out suspended, Kapugedara got injured yesterday and Prasanna misses out today. Myself, Danushka Gunathilaka and Thisara Perera are in. Feels awesome to be back in the team. We bowled really well and fielded pretty well. Our batting didn't click, hopefully we'll get it right today. The pressure is on, but we don't think about it. We just want to go out there and enjoy ourselves.

14.30 IST: TOSS! Sri Lanka win toss, opt to field against India.

Brief Preview:

Riding high on confidence after demolishing arch-rivals Pakistan in their ICC Champions Trophy 2017 opener, defending champions India will look to produce another dominant show against Sri Lanka on Thursday and book their spot in the semi-final. On the back of a disciplined performance with both bat and bowl, Virat Kohli and his men thrashed Pakistan by 124 runs and they will start as overwhelming favourites against their sub-continent rivals Sri Lanka, who would be demoralised after a heavy defeat against South Africa. (LIVE SCORECARD)

Contrasting performances aside, the sheer difference in quality also puts India a few notches ahead of Sri Lanka. On paper, the two sides are a total mismatch. While India ticked most of the boxes in their victory against Pakistan, the Sri Lankans, in their opening fixture, looked disoriented in their 96-run defeat against South Africa.

India boast a formidable batting line-up, which is being backed very well by a potent bowling attack. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka are going through a rebuilding phase and lack balance in their squad. To make matters worse, the form and fitness of regular captain Angelo Mathews is a cause for concern, while senior opener Upul Tharanga's two-match suspension has added insult to injury.  (Read Full Preview)