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'Error is regretted': When Subramanian Swamy ‘inadvertently’ predicted a Trump-like win for Mayawati in UP

In UP I think Mayavati will pull off a Donald Trump, Subramanian Swamy tweeted.
India TV Politics Desk New Delhi February 15, 2017 19:45 IST
India TV Politics Desk

Predicting what stand Subramanian Swamy would take on a particular issue is never easy. Never the one to shy away from voicing his opinion, Swamy is often found contradicting leaders even from the BJP, the party he represents in the Rajya Sabha.  

As India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh was voting in the second phase today, one tweet from Swamy’s account was shot off - predicting a ‘Trump-like win for Mayawati’.  

“In UP I think Mayavati will pull off a Donald Trump (sic),” Swamy said in a tweet posted at 3:54 PM on Wednesday.  

Although an active Twitter user, with a team of dedicated followers whom he refers to as “Patriotic Tweeple” or PTs, he did not post another tweet for the next one and half hours.  

And when another tweet came out, it was an apology, saying he had “intended to say Namo (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)” but by “oversight” said Mayawati. 

“In my tweet on UP elections I had intended to say Namo. Instead by oversight I said Mayavati. Error is regretted (sic),” his tweets read. 

We do not know if there was a hidden meaning in any of his tweets but Swamy is known for going against the party lines on various burning issues and he is yet to delete his earlier tweet.  

His dislike for the Finance Minister is well known and he recently targeted "two union ministers for fomenting trouble” in Tamil Nadu.