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Rahul Gandhi’s temple visits won’t work for Congress in Gujarat: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath said that the Congress be blamed for all problems -- be it terrorism, naxalism or corruption.
Written by: India TV Politics Desk Ahmedabad October 13, 2017 18:38 IST
India TV Politics Desk

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today slammed the Congress leadership for pushing back the country during their stint in power and termed it as a symbol of devastation. 

Adityanath, who was in poll-bound Gujarat today to take part in BJP’s Gaurav Yatra, also hit-out at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for targeting the BJP and the government. 

He said that Gujarat is a model state for others. 

“Gujarat is an example for other states. Prime Minister and Amit bhai have given me the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh, I assure you that we will work on the same model,” Yogi Adityanath told India TV.

“In Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi is talking about development… it is necessary to expose the Congress party and that’s why I have come here,” he added.

The Congress, he said, is to blame for all problems -- be it terrorism, naxalism or corruption. 

“Congress divided our society on the basis of religion, caste and language. It is knee-deep in corruption,” the Uttar Pradesh CM said. 

Taking a dig at Rahul for visiting temples in Gujarat, he said, “Visiting temples will not yield result for him (Rahul). He is unaware about the differences between the postures of puja and namaz… he is trying to mislead the people.” 

When asked about the BJP’s chances of retaining power in Gujarat, he said, “When a party is in power at Centre and state, the pace of development increases automatically.”

To a question related to Ayodhya, he replied that the matter is related to our sentiments and that the “government is not a party in the case”.

“I assure you that my government will leave no stones unturned to ensure development in Ayodhya. The matter will come up for hearing from December 5 before the Supreme Court. My government is committed for development in Ayodhya,” the CM said.