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Shweta Tiwari to Roshni Chopra: 5 TV actresses who will become mother soon!


There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood. Being a mother is like walking around with all your nerves exposed. It is the most extreme measure of being alive. Even the slightest sight of the children makes a mother smile while she experiences all the hardest trials of life. In recent, many Bollywood actresses embraced the motherhood like Rani Mukerji, Genelia D’souza, Arpita Khan Sharma etc. and there are many who will be entering the motherhood within a few months from now. The scene in TV industry is also pretty much same. Some of the smart, glamorous, good looking TV actresses who may have played roles of mother in reel life are soon going to enter the motherhood in real life too. Here’s take a look at five TV actress who are all set to start a new phase of their lives.