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5 statements by Salman at trailer launch which prove that ‘Sultan’ would be a blockbuster


New Delhi: So, with much hustle and bustle the trailer of much awaited ‘Sultan’ was released. As promised by superstar Salman Khan yesterday the teasers were only starters to a grand meal. The trailer certified that the film is packed with action, drama, romance, sadness and happiness, hence, it has all the ingredients which make a film blockbuster. Just like the film releasing on Eid is eyeing to be one of the biggest blockbusters of this year, the trailer launch was also one of a kind. At the trailer, Salman was seen in his best mood he took a jibe at the media people and had a fun time. What was more interesting were his replies to questions. The answers told all about Salman‘s preparations for the film. These replies also tell that ‘Sultan’ could become one of the best performances by Salman. We have compiled 5 best answers by Salman from the launch