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Laden Died 5 Years Ago, Claims Former CIA Agent

Washington, May 20: A former CIA agent Berkan Yarash has told Russian TV that Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed five years ago, on 26.6.2006 (June 26, 2006) and the only thing that
PTI May 21, 2011 8:42 IST

Washington, May 20: A former CIA agent Berkan Yarash has told Russian TV that Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed five years ago, on 26.6.2006 (June 26, 2006) and the only thing that the US did was to find his grave, dug his body out and staged the operation.

“I knew Bin Laden's Chechen guards very well,” said Yashar. “Samy, Ayub, and Mahmud were with him right to the end. I remember well this date as there were three sixes in it—June 26, 2006. Those three men, as well as two Muslims from London and two from the US saw Bin Laden dead. He was seriously ill before his death. He faded away to skin and bone. The three Chechens washed his body before burying it.”

Yashar said that Bin Laden's death was previously announced in November of 2008, but one of the Chechen guards Samy, was taken a few days before the operation, which he assumes told the US special forces the location of the body.

US says, President Barak Obama and his military forces had devised a covert operation to take out Osama Bin Laden on May 2 this year, but there have been rumours and speculations about the operation as the death photographs of Osama bin Laden are yet to be made public because of the horrible images.

President Obama decided not to reveal any pictures of the operation to catch/kill the terrorist leader before or after they killed him, even though the entire event was recorded live.

The closest that people got to seeing action was Obama and Hillary Clinton supervising the operation with other chief operatives on a table. The White House did not want to publish any pictures of him, to avoid arising anger from Islamic terrorists, but rumors are spreading that Osama lives, or that he died previously.

According to Berkan, after that trip Chechen nationals appeared in Osama bin Laden's circle. Berkan Yashar emphasized that they did not participate "directly in the terror bombings."

"They protected bin Laden, it was his choice because he trusted them entirely, and knew that they would never betray," said Yashar. According to Yashar he was not the only one who knew about it, but the Russian security services and the CIA were aware of this as well.

Answering the question whether he believed that the Americans killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Berkan Yashar answered: "Even if the entire world believed I could not possibly believe it."

"I personally know the Chechens who protected him, they are Sami, Mahmood, and Ayub, and they were with him until the very end. I remember that day very well, there were three sixes in it: 26 June 2006. These people, as well as two others from London and two Americans, all seven of them, saw him dead. He was very ill, he was skin and bones, very thin, and they washed him and buried him," said Berkan Yashar.

Yashar stressed that although the two American Muslims and two British Muslims the guards of bin Laden and saw him dead, they did not participate in the funerals. "Only three Chechens buried him, according to his will," said Yashar.

Bin Laden was buried, according to Yashar, in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border.

"There was no assault," said Yashar. "I know the American operations from the inside: they find the grave, dig out bin Laden and tell everyone about this. They need to show how technologically the security services worked, how each step was controlled, and then present it as a great victory to show that taxpayers are not paying taxes for nothing. "

Berkan now blames himself for the fact that the Chechens from the protection of bin Laden, "the terrorist number one" are no longer alive after the U.S. intelligence services began to tap Berkan's telephone conversations.

He said he was the first one who announced the date of death of bin Laden. "I was the first one who announced the date of his death in November of 2008 at a conference in Washington, not naming any names, and it looks like it was when the Americans began to track my contacts," he said.

The last security guard Berkan saw Sami, who, according to him, a few days before bin Laden was declared killed, was kidnapped by the U.S. intelligence agencies. According to Berkan, most likely, it was him who disclosed to them the exact place of burial in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border.

In any case, the last call from Sami was from Pakistan. Berkan explained why he informed the journalists of Channel One: he feared for his life. According to him, only wide publicity around the world can protect him from the CIA. However, just in case, the Turkish secret services, according to him, provided him with guards and weapons

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