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They Wiped Out Three Lives In 45 Minutes

It took these three friends just 45 minutes to wipe out three innocent lives. Tired of what they called "barbs" and "mockery" by villagers after sisters of two of them eloped and married out of
PTI June 25, 2010 15:33 IST
It took these three friends just 45 minutes to wipe out three innocent lives. Tired of what they called "barbs" and "mockery" by villagers after sisters of two of them eloped and married out of caste, the three friends decided to kill the women and set a precedent, reports Hindustan Times.        

Police said the murders were "pre-planned" and executed meticulously and that the accused had borrowed two cars —a Hyundai Santro,an i10 and a countrymade weapon for the crime. 

After committing the murder son June 20,the three accused —Mandeep Nagar (23), Ankit Chaudhury (22) and NakulKhari (21) took refuge at their ancestral village Dujana in Ghaziabad.    

 A couple of days later, when they saw their names and photographs being splashed in the media, they headed for Dehradun and Rishikesh.       

 It was in Rishikesh that they threw the weapon into the Ganga. "They conspired to kill Shobha (Mandeep's sister) first and then locked her body in a Santro car. After shooting her dead, they drove the car to H- Block in Ashok Vihar, parked it by the roadside and left," said a senior police officer.     

Thereafter they killed Kuldeep, Ankit's brother-in-law and then Monica, his sister. All of them had been shot at point blank range in the head.       

Shobha, who had earlier eloped with her Muslim boyfriend but returned home later, wanted to be a model and follow her dreams.     

She and her youngest sister Khushboo, spotted an ad  in a newspaper and decided to get into modelling.    

It was during this time that Khushboo met Ravi, a Kashmiri model coordinator and they decided to get married. It was Shobha who helped her sister elope on May25and get married to Ravi.       

After he got the news of his youngest sister eloping and marrying Ravi, Mandeep went to the local police station to lodge a complaint. He procured the marriage certificate from the Arya Samaj temple and verified the Uttam Nagar address and PAN card details of Ravi, which were found to be fake.

Contrary to what the police have so far believed about the sequence of events on June 20, Mandeep's sister, Shubha, was the first one to be killed. 

On that day, Mandeep had asked his sister, Shubha, to accompany him along with the two accused in their search for Khushboo. Once out of the house, they shot Shubha in the car. It was around 6:30 pm. ‘‘The shot was fired by Mandeep from the backseat of the car. They left the car near the F Block crossing,'' claimed an officer from Garh police. 

After five minutes, Ankit allegedly called up his brother-in-law, Kuldeep, asking him to come over to pick him up at the F Block crossing as he didn't have any mode of conveyance that day. 

Since Ankit was among the few in Monica's family who were in touch with the couple since their marriage, an unsuspecting Kuldeep reached the crossing in his Esteem around 7 pm. 

Ankit, Mandip and Nakul got into the car, and as it moved towards Kuldeep's house, Ankit allegedly shot him from behind. He is claimed to have followed it up with two more shots. The three then walked up to Monica's house which was latched from outside. Once inside the house, they murdered Monica and fled, the cops have alleged. 

SSP Lal said the accused used their neighbour, Gyanendra Sharma's i-10 car after approaching his son. ‘‘They fled to Dehradun in this car. The next day, they went to Mussoorie but later decided to travel to Rishikesh. It was here that they disposed of their .32 calibre countrymade weapon in the river. They were planning to come down to Pilkhua in Ghaziabad but were nabbed by us,'' said the SSP. 

Delhi Police said they will be investigating the missing gun angle. ‘‘A countrymade weapon could not have been used to fire so many shots. Similarly, we will also look into allegations that ‘‘they were instigated'' to commit the crime. A few people now on our radar will be questioned again if the need arises,'' said an officer. 

Meanwhile, even as Ghaziabad police claimed ‘‘an internal tip-off and media alerts'' had led to the arrests, the Delhi cops said the arrests were due to their ‘‘inputs'' to UP and Uttarakhand police.