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Lalu Yadav's cook and aide arrested, lodged in same Ranchi jail

Mahto and Yadav, who were reportedly charged with minor offences, were claimed to be serving Prasad as helper and cook.
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Edited by: India TV News Desk New Delhi January 09, 2018 23:06 IST

RJD chief Lalu Yadav's cook and close aide have managed to get arrested and lodged in the same Ranchi jail as him before his arrival. 

Media reports have alleged that the two personal aides of Lalu were sent to a Ranchi prison to “serve” him, hours before the RJD supremo was lodged there after being convicted in a fodder scam case. 

The reports have erupted a row, drawing criticism from rival JD(U). 

The RJD, however, jumped to its leader’s defence, insisting the presence of the two—Lakshman Mahto and Madan Yadav—was “conicidental”. 

Mahto and Yadav, who were reportedly charged with minor offences, were claimed to be serving Prasad as helper and cook. 

The duo has been jailed after a Sumit Yadav filed a complaint against them accusing them of manhandling and looting Rs 10,000. The matter reached Ranchi Police and the two surrendered. After which they were sent to the Ranchi jail. Interestingly, a milkman by profession Madan Yadav was also jailed with Lalu in 2013. 

The superintendent of Birsa Munda Central Jail, where the RJD boss is lodged since December 23 after his conviction in a fodder scam case relating to fraudulent withdrawal of Rs 89.27 lakh from the Deoghar treasury 21 years ago, could not be reached immediately for comments. Other officials were tight-lipped. 

The JD(U) latched on to the news report to attack the RJD leader, with its spokesman Neeraj Kumar issuing a statement in Patna saying, “Prasad is a person with feudal mindset who could make his party workers go to any extent to serve his personal interest.”
“This shows that Lalu Prasad’s commitment to social justice is a sham and he cares only for himself and his family members,” Kumar, a JD(U) MLC, said.  

RJD spokesman Shakti Singh Yadav rubbished the allegation that Lalu “managed” to have his two aides behind bars to serve him, saying their presence in jail was “coincidental”, and that the two had criminal cases against them. The nature of offences for which they were in jail was, however, not clear yet. 

He asked those making the claim that Mahto and Yadav were serving Prasad in jail to come up with evidence to back it. “They (the accusers) should show any video footage of the two serving the RJD supremo,” Yadav, an RJD MLA, said.  

When asked if he would want an inquiry into the matter, Yadav shot back, saying “Why? They have been, after all, sent to jail after an inquiry by the police administration and it is for the administration to say anything on the matter.”

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