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10 pictures of street foods around the world will make your mouth water!

How many times did you try to resist that lip-smacking ‘Paani Puri’ but failed?
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 11, 2017 15:13 IST
Reshu Manglik

Admit it, no matter how sophisticated the concept of ‘fine dining’ is, we still love the street food. There’s something so bombastically yummy about street foods that draw every serious food lover towards it. Be it India or any other country, street food is something that can lure anyone into its trap. 

How many times did you try to resist that lip-smacking ‘Paani Puri’ but failed? I’ve proudly failed multiple times. So, for the love of street foods among Indians, we’ve compiled some drool-worthy pictures of street foods in this post. Have a delicious time looking at them. 

Watch this mouth-watering chocolate ice cream rolls being made. Heavenly, isn’t it? 

Even veggies like cauliflower can be given a delicious twist. Wanna try this at home? 

Indian street foods can be really hard to resist. This sumptuous ‘Tawa Rice’ with Raita can make anyone’s mouth water. 

These are the pancakes every food lovers have ever dreamt about! 

Dessert lovers can never resist the red velvet cake. 

Raj Kachori is the cult favourite of every Indian foodie. What say? 

The trademark Kaanda Bhaji Pav from Aamchi Mumbai 

Spring rolls are my personal favourite. What about you? 

A street food spree is incomplete without Kebabs. 

A plate of mouth-watering Pav Bhaji is all you need to set everything straight. 

Have a happy meal, peeps!