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Justin Bieber’s laid-back concert fashion is so cool! Have a look

Justin Bieber’s chilled-out dressing sense is giving some serious fashion sense to all the men out there
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 11, 2017 13:47 IST
Reshu Manglik

Justin Beiber just concluded the much-awaited Mumbai concert with lots of love from the fans in the country. He wrapped up the concert with a promise to come back to India. The singer was so enthralled by the response of the crowd that he made a surprising confession: "Tonight's turning out to be one of the best nights of my life.". 

Apart from the heart-winning moments of the concert, there’s something else that stole our attention. Justin Bieber’s ‘Oh-So-Cool’ concert fashion sense that’s worth a notice here. He was dressed in his signature style with a hoodie and shorts. 

Justin Bieber has always been easy-going in his fashion sense. His outfits are always summer-cool and super-comfy. We’ve shuffled through many of Justin Bieber’s concert looks and his Bindass fashion sense left us in awe. Check it out yourself. 

On Saturday night, Justin returned to UAE to perform at Dubai’s Autism Rocks Arena. He can be seen dressed in Utah Jazz x Mitchell & Ness Shorts and Yeezy Boost Sneakers. 

Justin rocked the audience with his famous numbers in Brazil as a part of his Purpose Tour. He spotted wearing a Facetasm checkered coaches jacket with a white tee. His golden-rimmed eye glasses added to his outfit. 

Following his ritual of comfy dressing, he gave a power-packed performance in Perth, Australia wearing a pair of Adidas pants and Nike sneakers. 

For the Purpose Tour, Justin Bieber went back to his blonde hair. He dyed his new military cut hair in platinum blonde and looks hotter than ever! 

He welcomed the year 2017 with a poolside performance in Florida. Keeping up with his trademark style, he wore distressed black T-shirt, white hoodie and black trousers. 

Justin Bieber’s chilled-out dressing sense is giving some serious fashion sense to all the men out there. Are you listening, guys? Give those classy tuxedos and shiny black boots a break!