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‘Divorce Selfies’ going viral on social media. Has the ‘Selfie Craze’ reached its extremum?

Funeral selfies, belfie (bum selfie), dangerous selfie, killfie (Selfie that kills), as if they were not enough that a new trend has taken birth.
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 18, 2017 17:45 IST
Reshu Manglik

When divorce is on your mind, clicking a selfie would be the last thing you can think about. But not for the couple who started this bizarre and irrational trend on social media. A woman from Calgary, Canada shared a happy photo with her ex-husband standing in front of the court where they signed an end to their marriage. They also posted a reason on Facebook explaining why they took this step. 

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"We have respectfully, thoughtfully and honourably ended our marriage in a way that will allow us to go forward as parenting partners for our children," she included in the post.

This sparked a bizarre new trend on Facebook on social media where couples are sharing their pictures after signing the divorce papers. Some couple even bothered to write a full-fledged description on why they ended their nuptials. The move is being appreciated as an effort to normalise things like divorce. 

Check out the couples who’re happily divorced now. 

A woman named Emily cared to write an elaborate post to express her gratitude towards her partner, how he has been a never-ending support to her and how well he raised her children. 

Many couples continue to remain friends after ending their marriage. 

Divorce selfie is coming as a new way to commemorate the occasion, just like they celebrated the day they were hitched. 

Though, I really appreciate the effort to normalise things like divorce and bad marriage, but making selfie such an integral part of our life is raising the concern here. The way couples are handling divorce with a mature take is commendable and needs to be shared. A bad marriage and divorce is just a chapter, it shouldn’t ruin the whole book. 

But there is something that doesn’t seem right about this brand-new trend.
Selfie addiction has taken over the young generation like a mania. The trend has consumed the lives of many, while making a living hell for those addicted. With smartphones taking an integral place in our life, it seems, it’s getting even harder to take this selfie craze out of people. 

Funeral selfies, belfie (bum selfie), dangerous selfie, killfie (Selfie that kills), as if they were not enough that a new trend has taken birth. 

There are some incidents and emotions in life that are better kept private. Demonstrating everything on social media can be a destructive behaviour for one’s personality. 

Do share your views on this strange selfie trend that surfaced on social media lately.