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World Blood Donor Day 2017: 7 common myths about blood donation debunked

On this occasion, we’ve decided to dismantle some common myths associated with blood donation.
Reshu Manglik New Delhi June 14, 2017 12:11 IST
Reshu Manglik

Myths are omnipresent. In every domain, myths are prevalent. They cannot be avoided by any means. But what we really can do is to avoid believing blindly to the myths. Today, World Blood Donor Day 2017, is being observed across the globe. Various organisations are trying to shed some light on the increasing blood requirement as well as creating awareness about blood donations. Donating blood is a noble act. But due to some myths and nonsensical hoaxes, people step back from donating blood. So in this post and on this occasion, we’ve decided to dismantle some common myths associated with blood donation. 

Myth #1: Giving blood hurts 

Fact: Giving blood hurts? Actually the needle hurts. And the needle hurts as much as any other injection would. The needle used for blood donation doesn’t hurt more than the injections. A tiny hole on your forearm that a needle will leave behind, will remind you of the good deed you’ve done. 

Myth #2: HIV can be contracted by giving blood

Fact: Giving blood doesn’t invite HIV. It’s the infected needle that brings in the virus. Before giving blood, check the hygiene of the place. Make sure that the needle being used is fresh. That’s it! 

Myth #3: Giving blood consumes time 

Fact: So does Facebook! The time taken for single donation is not more than an hour or so. 

Myth #4: Blood donation affects your health 

Fact: If you’re healthy before donating blood, then you’ll not face any recovery issues after donating. You’ll be advised to take rest for a while after donating. Drink enough fruit juices and liquids within a couple of hours. In fact, the body produces news cells even faster after donation! 

Myth #5: You cannot take part in sports after donating blood 

Fact: Giving blood has nothing to do with your sports. You are advised to avoid strenuous exercises and lifting heavy weights for a day after donating blood. You’re back on the track the next day. 

Myth #6: Blood can be manufactured when needed


Fact: Blood is not an artificial fluid which can be manufactured in laboratories. It only comes from human beings who donate blood.