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Bigg Boss 11: Fight with Akash to rumours dating Vikas, Priyank Sharma pours his heart out

Priyank Sharma had violated the Bigg Boss house rules by pushing Akash, following which host Salman Khan asked him to leave the show.
Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi October 13, 2017 11:46 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

In a first, celebrity contestant Priyank Sharma was asked to leave the Bigg Boss 11 show for his misconduct. Host Salman Khan vent out his anger on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode scolding Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani and Priyank. And since, the Splitsvilla X contestant had violated the Bigg Boss house rules by pushing Akash, Priyank was eliminated from the show. Not only this, Priyank was rumoured to be dating Vikas, who happens to be his good friend. Now, the evicted contestant has come to the forefront to clear the air.

Infamous Vikas-Akash fight

Priyank Sharma opened up on the infamous fight that resulted in his Bigg Boss 11 elimination. “I pushed Akash because he had used abusive words for Vikas’s mother, and Shilpa (Shinde), too, was doing the same. I couldn’t tolerate that but I know I was in the wrong. Though I was standing up for the right thing, I should have used a better way to deal with the situation. I should have done it smartly and shouldn’t have got so emotional. The makers didn’t want to set an example and therefore I was out”, Priyank was quoted as saying to Firstpost.

Dating Vikas Gupta

The 25-year-old reality show star also spoke about the shocking rumours of him being in a relationship with fellow Bigg Boss contestant Vikas. In an interview with IndianExpress, Priyank Sharma said, ““As per the grapevines, apart from Vikas I am also dating Hina and Benafsha. I am in too much demand it seems. But on a serious note, it’s all nonsense and complete rubbish. Please don’t pay heed to these rumours.”

Sudden Bigg Boss eviction

When quizzed about his sudden elimination from the reality show, Priyank he felt incomplete and sad but, at the same time he is happy to have receive so much love from the people. “I just feel too lucky at the moment”, the Delhi boy added. 

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