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Bigg Boss 11 episode 65: Good friends Vikas Gupta- Arshi Khan lock horns, Hiten upset with Akash Dadlani

The Bigg Boss 11 captaincy task this week will see the housemates turning into babysitters with the entire house turns into a daycare center.
Written by: Tripti Karki New Delhi December 05, 2017 23:34 IST
Tripti Karki

In a sudden twist of events, we saw Akash Dadlani and Shilpa Shinde getting nominated in Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11. Now after the nomination process is over, the housemates will have to battle it out in the captaincy task, which certainly will be something interesting like every task in the Bigg Boss house. The captaincy task this week will see the housemates turning into babysitters with the entire house turns into a daycare center.Apart from taking care of the baby, they will also have to race to a parking lot created in the lawn area and the one to reach last will get eliminated from the task; thus also discarding the person who's doll they'll be holding.

Here are the LIVE updates of Bigg Boss 11 Episode 65: 

11:30 pm: Akash tries to aplogize to Shilpa and asks her to make up with Arshi. Arshi comes and asks Shilpa to get lost. Arshi once again misbehaves with Shilpa and Akash apologizes to her for his idea.

11:16 pm: Arshi is surprised that Vikas is not on her side. She rants about the same to Hina and her group. Luv tries to convince Vikas to make him the captain. Vikas is smart with his mind games and tells Luv how things are not possible. Priyank says that he wants to see what plan Vikas executes this time

11:12 pm: Hina tries to convince Hiten and Vikas to make her the captain. They agree with her but as soon as she leaves , they flip. Akash tells Hina that she doesn't want to be the captain so she gives up the task. Bigg Boss then calls it a day for the task. Vikas and Priyank have an argument and Vikas tells Priyank hat he cant become a captain. Luv then tells Priyank the whole plan. Luv is still in the game as he has Vikas's doll.

11:06 pm: Vikas tells Puneesh not to make Luv the captain at any cost. He then tells Arshi that he is having second thoughts about the game. Arshi then cries in the washroom and Akash consoles her. She is crying as Vikas has given up on her.

10: 54 pm: Akash does not even get up to go to the parking lot, getting out of the game and removing Hiten from the captaincy race. Hiten is mad at Akash for giving up. Hina, Luv and Priyank discuss their plan and Vikas discusses his plan with Hiten and Puneesh. Hina is afraid that Arshi wil become the captain.

10: 50 pm: Arshi reaches last removing Shilpa from the captaincy race

10:45 pm: Priyank Sharma loses in the first round itself and is appointed the 'Sanchalak' of the task. He starts discussing with Luv Tyagi the ways to become the next captain. Just like Arshi, Luv too reaches out to Vikas for help in winning this task.

10: 42 pm : Arshi Khan, whose doll is a miniature of Shilpa Shinde, begins ill-treating the doll and stops taking the task seriously. Things get intense when she throws the doll across the pram into the swimming pool. Soon, Arshi says she wants to be the captain and starts plotting for the same with Vikas Gupta.

10: 40 pm: The captaincy task takes off. Vikas calls his doll baby Naagin and tries to sabotage Hiten's game so that he becomes the Sanchalak and Hina drops out of the captaincy task. When the babies start crying, Priyank reaches last to the parking and Puneesh drops out as the captain and Priyank becomes the Sanchalak.

10:36 pm: Each of the housemates get a baby-like doll to take care of. Every doll is a miniature of another contestant and each doll has to be taken care of with things like diapers, milk and prams. Apart from taking care of their dolls, the housemates also have to race their pram to a parking lot created in the lawn area. The one reaching the last loses, eliminating the person whose doll they had from the race for captaincy. Who will be the next captain of Bigg Boss 11?

10: 30 pm: Arshi Khan tells Luv Tyagi that he is one of the luckiest contestants of Bigg Boss 11.She says that out of the 4 Padosi's only Luv survived. Puneesh then calls Arshi a Naagin. Arshi tells him not to sit with Flip Shilpa. Akash raps in the morning and makes allegations on Vikas Gupta.