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Bigg Boss 8 Day 61: Puneet Issar becomes the new captain, Dimpy gets upset with Ali (view pics)

New Delhi: The 61st day at the Bigg Boss 8 house starts with early morning bitching against Ali Quli Mirza and the root of it is sown by Dimpy.Pritam counters her arguments but the general
IANS November 22, 2014 12:40 IST

New Delhi: The 61st day at the Bigg Boss 8 house starts with early morning bitching against Ali Quli Mirza and the root of it is sown by Dimpy.

Pritam counters her arguments but the general consensus was against Ali's shayari, which was disrespectful to some women.

Cut to the breakfast table and Puneet gets into an argument with Praneet over who wants to eat what and eating eggs.

Gautam Gulati tried to pacify the aggravated members of P3G but Puneet went on rambling about the ration. Praneet walked away at a loss of words at the lack of logic in Puneet's argument.

To diffuse the tension, Pritam enacted a scene that happened between Manoj Tiwari and Dolly Bindra in season 4 over eggs.

He mimicked Dolly and her famous phrase 'baap pe mat jaana!' and really was too hilarious!

BB announces a competition between the contenders for captaincy but prior to that all the housemates are asked to unanimously choose a third contender for the captaincy post.

After a long discussion, an eager Karishma is chosen as the third nominee. Dimpy, who tries hard to get maximum votes from the inmates, feels bad to note Ali giving his vote to Karishma instead of her.

She sobs behind the couch in Gautam's company and reveals how bad she felt when Ali did not vote for her despite the fact that she stood for him on many occasions.

Ali realises he has hurt Dimpy and shares his feelings with Pritam and Renee. He reasons that he voted for Karishma ‘coz she has been in the house for a long time, hence she deserves his vote more than Dimpy.

He also says he has an issue with her nature, which she needs to change to qualify for captainship.

Nigaar and Diandra talk about the same matter in the wash room. Nigaar says when she did not raise her hand for the captain's role then there is no reason for Dimpy to cry for it.

BB hands out a new task to fight for the role of captaincy. The contenders Karishma, Puneet and Upen have to convince others to part with their personal items to make the nominee of their choice win. The person who will manage to get 10 kg weight first, will be the new captian of the house.

Upen found no support initially and was almost giving up when Ali came to his rescue and donated his shoes to him.

Bigg Boss asked Gautam to announce the final decision and it came down to Upen and Puneet. Gautam said Puneet reached 10kgs first and hence he wins the task. Puneet was now declared as the new captain of the house.

Upen felt hurt on getting no support from Diandra in the task. Diandra explained that she anyway had less stuff to share and she obviously wanted Karishma to win since Upen has already been a captain before.

Upen then even had an argument with Karishma and both blamed each other for being selfish in the captaincy task.

Gautam asked Diandra to apologies to him on camera for misunderstanding him. She didn't relent for apology but when asked to hug it out Diandra didn't hesitate even a bit!

In the evening, BB announces the inmates to play a game for the luxury budget items. The contestants are asked to pick up the things and pass them on with their mouth without using their hands.

While Puneet is given the duty to pick the products, Nigaar has to stand as the final recipient at the other end of the row.

The task begins on an enthusiastic note but BB cancels it when the housemates fail to abide by the rules of the game.

The housemates get sad to know that they won;t get any luxury food item for the following week.

Dimpy refused to talk to Ali as she was still hrut by his betrayal. And to apologise to her Ali decided to go on hunger strike.

After dinner hour, Ali was seen poisoning Upen's mind and inciting him against his friend Diandra by pointing out how smartly she has changed her game.

He scared Upen by saying that his position in the game is at risk and advises him to use such tricks that would help him in winning the BB game by hook or by crook.