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Bigg Boss 8 Day 54: Gautam becomes the new captain, is this final end of P3G? (view pics)

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 is filled with a lot of drama, and we all have already seen the whole Bigg Boss 8 house inmates going against Gautam Gulati.In the morning Bigg Boss asked captain
India TV Entertainment Desk November 16, 2014 10:19 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 is filled with a lot of drama, and we all have already seen the whole Bigg Boss 8 house inmates going against Gautam Gulati.

In the morning Bigg Boss asked captain Diandra to name one housemate for captaincy task and another name to be decided by all housemates. 8 housemates voted for Gautam.

Karishma later asked for re-election because she wanted to give her own name but no one agreed to do it.

Even before breakfast is served, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task wherein Diandra is given the power to choose one candidate basis her own wishes and another basis the majority votes by the contestants.

These two selected contestants along with the winners of the luxury budget task ‘Sab Durandhar Hotel Ke Andar' – Dimpy and Pritam are then pitted against each other to be the next captain of the Bigg Boss house.

While Diandra selected Praneet as her candidate of choice, Gautam is surprisingly selected through a majority vote by the contestants.

However, little do the contestants know that they are in for a roller coaster ride as the battle for captaincy takes over every other thought in the Bigg Boss house.

During the course of the task aptly titled ‘Captaincy Mere Haath Mein', the four contestants were required to hold on to a ring and the last person to remain latched on to the ring will be announced the captain.

Dimpy tried explaining to Praneet that she has a better understanding of the house and the game because she has come from outside. She has seen everyone's game and has an opinion about it.

Praneet didn't accept her logic and explained that the audience doesn't know what's happening in the house 24 X 7.

Dimpy questioned whether he's trying to demean the audience's understanding of the show.

Praneet and Gautam have an argument in which Dimpy interferes and completely takes Gautam's side. She blames Pritam and Praneet to always have ditched Gautam in need and aren't the best of friends

The already souring relationship between Pritam, Praneet and Gautam reached crossroads as Gautam raised questions on Praneet and Pritam's loyalty in their friendship with him.

The situation got completely out of hand as Praneet and Pritam lost their cool and announce the end of their friendship with Gautam.

While the situation between P3G is worsening, Karishma was seen complaining to Aarya and Upen about her best friend in the house and now ex-captain, Diandra for not considering her as a probable contestant for captaincy.

Aarya and Upen who were stunned to hear that Karishma wanted to be nominated as captain also mention that they are surprised by Diandra's nomination and selection of candidates for the next captain of the house!

Pritam felt hurt by Gautam's behavior and decided to not cooperate with him in his captaincy and refused to do any house work.

Pritam openly blamed Dimpy for breaking the P3G group. She felt hurt by Pritam's accusations and Gautam consoled her.

He said he sees himself in her and is happy that there is one person in the house who says the truth as it is in the house.

When Gautam sat down to allot duties Pritam refused to be a part of the meeting. Gautam assigned garden duties to Karishma which she refused to do.

Gautam asked Diandra to clean dishes for lunch and dinner but she too refused to do it.

As the craziness in the Bigg Boss house starts to subside and peace is starting to creep back into the house, Bigg Boss announces the launch of the Maruti Swift task wherein the contestants need to drive the car in the activity area while pulling off danglers containing names of luxury budget items suspended from the room.

Arya nominates himself to drive the car while the contestants choose the tallest man in the house, Pritam, to pull the labels from the danglers.

Even though the duo have only 5 minutes in hand, they are able to successfully collect 37 items with the last item to be rescued Karishma's makeup.

However, Bigg Boss announces that the makeup label was pulled only after the end of the task was announced owing to which Karishma would need to go another week without her makeup

Puneet tried to resolve matters between P3G group and asked Gautam to once talk to Pritam and Praneet.

Gautam did try from his end but the other two refused to let go of anything and stuck to their decision of not talking to Gautam.

Pritam, Praneet, Puneet and Gautam have no more options any more than face the harsh reality that P3G is officially over.