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Bigg Boss Day 52: Diandra loses temper on Nigaar, Dimpy plays double game (see pics)

New Delhi: In the morning of day 52 Bigg Boss played a special dedication for Renee for her birthday in the wake up alarm. 'Oh Chote, tera Budday!'After an intense day where the Butlers created
India TV Entertainment Desk November 13, 2014 12:13 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: In the morning of day 52 Bigg Boss played a special dedication for Renee for her birthday in the wake up alarm. 'Oh Chote, tera Budday!'

After an intense day where the Butlers created much havoc in the Bigg Boss house, the contestants wake up in the morning with renewed energy to complete this week's luxury budget task, ‘Sab Durandhar Hotel Ke Andar'.

All's not quiet on the Bigg Boss front. The state of chaos did not subside completely on the second day of the luxury budget task Sab Durandhar Hotel Ke Andar. Arguments and misgivings disturbed various equations inside Bigg Boss' house.

In the morning, when Gautam Gulati was walking without his shirt, flaunting his fab body like he usually does, Nigaar took the TV star away and tried to explain it to him that this is not helping his image in the house.

As a friend and a well wisher, Nigaar tried to correct the ‘Diya aur Baati Hum' actor but he refused to listen to her.

Diandra Soares, who is the captain of the house reacted violently when she saw that Upen had thrown her loofah while cleaning up the bathroom on the orders of Nigaar Khan.

This was during the luxury task Sab Dhurandhar Hotel Ke Andar. Both Nigaar and Upen apologise to Diandra and Nigaar even offers her own new loofah but all goes in vain.

Diandra refuses to believe it.

However, starting the task afresh, wild card entries Dimpy Mahajan, Nigaar Khan and Renee Dhyani continued to give the 'butlers' - Karishma Tanna, Gauatm Gulati, Praneet Bhatt, Preetam, Soanli Raut, Upen Patel Aarya Babbar and Ali Quli Mirza - tasks and keep them occupied.

After lunch was served, Bigg Boss announced the end of the luxury budget task and Diandra, as captain, was given the responsibility of choosing the winners amongst the butlers and the guests.

Diandra, in turn, counted the tips that had been earned by the butlers and also deducted earnings for unruly behaviour, breaking rules and causing unrest during the course of the task.

At the end Pritam and Dimpy was declared as winner.

Bigg Boss gifted Renee a task called 'Sach ka Aaina'. Standing in front of the mirror Renee gave the housemates their true reflection.

And in the case of Dimpy she advised her to use her own brains and not to get influenced by others.

When Dimpy later asked her for clarification Renee made her realise that Pritam and Praneet used her in the task to secure captaincy.

Some contestants agreed with Renee's reading of their behaviour, others were not open minded enough to face criticism from their new housemate.

Dimpy then had a discussion with Gautam over Pritam and Praneet's game. She asked him to suggest her name for captaincy in front of the P3G group to which he willingly obliged.

After her discussion with P3G, Dimpy went and had a word with Diandra, Upen and Karishma.

She revealed that when spoken about captaincy in front of Pritam he made excuses that Dimpy will not get enough votes from the other group so let him become one.

Dimpy felt bad by how the two used her and even commented that they have been only using Gautam.

All in all, the day witnessed a lot of changes in relationships… While some friendships flourished and some mended ways, others got nipped in the bud even before they got a chance to flourish!