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Bigg Boss 8: Salman slams Upen for being a partial captain, calls Gautam 'real hero' (view pics)

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan was seen in full swing as this week we have seen lots of drama, action, betrayals, and partialities and not to forget the two
India TV Entertainment Desk November 10, 2014 9:35 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan was seen in full swing as this week we have seen lots of drama, action, betrayals, and partialities and not to forget the two new wild card entries!

The episode started with Salman grilling Puneet over the incident with Arya.

Salman declared that he is totally against Puneet's return and that he has always opposed contestant's re-entry in BB house in earlier seasons too.

Salman questioned Puneet about the incident with Aarya and condemned him for behaving irresponsible. He told him that he made himself look bad on national television, and has repeated something that has happened with him before in the case of Amitabh Bachchan.

Salman put Upen on hot seat and blamed him for being a partial captain. He asked him about his reasons to intentionally nominate the P3G group and especially Puneet and Pritam despite the two helping him win the captaincy task.

Upen tried hard to defend himself but seemed failing to justify his reasons.

Salman asked Renee and Dimpy if Upen was partial and they both said yes. At first Renee tried to be diplomatic but sue to constant interrogation by Salman, she admitted that Upen was a partial captain.

Sonali said she would want to become the next captain if she doesn't get evicted. Although she also shared that she will not mind if gets evicted this week as she has become bored and has nothing to contribute to in the house.

To which Salman burst out in laughter making fun of the word ‘contribution' by her.

Salman taunted Karishma over make up issue and commented “pehle humein laga ke tumne Gautam ko hero banaya, par ab lagta hai ki Gautam sach mein Hero hai!”

Karishma went speechless when she was questioned about the entire ‘Make-up saga' and in fact she upfrontly hurt Sushant once again telling she is doubtful if Sushant will be safe for the week!

Salman praised Gautam wholeheartedly for his behaviour and declared him safe for the week.

The dashing host showed a clip to the audience wherein Diandra and Upen were bitching about Karishma of how she never wants to get out of her comfort zone.

Even Aarya and Puneet were seen discussing that how Karishma manipulated everyone in the task and is a selfish person.

Moving on to  Aarya, the SnapDeal caller of the week questioned Aarya about the pain he was going through, which unfolded the whole week's drama, he was questioned on how come he was all fine just on the next day of the task giving all strain on his body?We need an answer Aarya!

Salman commented that the standard of captaincy is only dropping in the house. Ali was the best captain but Upen and Diandra didn't manage it well. Here too, Upen was proven to have been partial to nominate Diandra for captaincy nomination.

Puneet too complained about Diandra being partial to her friends from the group and making other people work extra. Post Salman's ending the episode, Puneet told Diandra and Ali that Aarya told him that these two instigated him to demand his disqualification and he didn't want to.

Ali confronted Aarya and broke friendship with him. Diandra cried in front of Puneet and denied having anything to do in the matter.

Now Puneet, Ali and Sushant are in danger zone and one among them will leave this glass-walled house today.

Watch out this space for more news on Bigg boss 8.