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Bigg Boss 8, Day 68: Diandra and Gautam locked in the bathroom; Reene becomes the new captain (see pics)

New Delhi: After a chaotic or rather dramatic outcome of the previous day, Bigg Boss 8 housemates wake up to day 68.Morning started with Gautam's birthday celebrations as morning alarm rang the song 'Happy Budday
India TV Entertainment Desk November 30, 2014 11:14 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: After a chaotic or rather dramatic outcome of the previous day, Bigg Boss 8 housemates wake up to day 68.

Morning started with Gautam's birthday celebrations as morning alarm rang the song 'Happy Budday to you!'

All the housemates who were at one point resisting Gautam's presence are now happy for him and are looking forward for his birthday celebration.

Ali returned to the house and tried talking to Upen, Karishma and Sonali. But all three were not ready to believe him and give him another chance.

Even though everyone stood by Sonali, Bigg Boss condemned her for using physical violence in the house and slapping Ali. In punishment Bigg Boss announced Sonali to remain nominated throughout the rest of the season!

Since the housemates lost the task they get no luxury budget this week. Captaincy task was announced and ex-captains get to rule out contestants from the captaincy task who they think aren't fit to become captain.

Everyone was given an order to play. 1st Puneet, 2nd Gautam, 3rd Diandra, 4th Upen and 5th Ali. So Ali gets the game in hand to choose between two remaining contestants.

Puneet went first and opened the bottle of Pritam sending him out of the race. Reason, if he becomes captain he will waste the immunity that comes along with it since he's already immuned for next week.

Next was Gautam who opened the bottle of Karishma. He gave the reason that he wants to see someone else become the captain who he thinks is more deserving.

Karishma felt Gautam was being unfair with her by not giving her a chance to become a captain. She expressed the same to other housemates.

Diandra opened the bottle of Praneet sending him out of the race. Her reason was that she feels he isn't at all interested in a being a captain.

The task created an argument between new lovers Gautam and Diandra. Both supported their friends, Praneet and Karishma respectively and argued why the other evicted the friend from the task.

Outside Ali tried to clear the air with Dimpy but she seemed in no mood to forget the past.

Between Gautam and Diandra, the argument turned into flirting and both teased each other on how courageous they are.

As Bigg Boss announced the start of Gauatm's birthday celebrations in the house, Diandra expressed her desire to give Gautam "a gift" herself away from the rest of the house.

She then surreptitiously pulled Gautam away from the crowd, across the house, and took him to one of the washrooms. She then locked the door.

Later the captaincy task continued and Upen outed Dimpy from the race. He didn't want to vote anyone out between Sonali and Renee since they helped him in his previous captaincy task.

Ali was the last to choose between Sonali and Renee and for obvious reasons he outed Sonali from the game and made Renee the captain!

Three boys, Upen, Gautam and Praneet were chosen by the girls to play the Garnier Men task. In a game of football on a muddy ring Upen scored the highest of 12 goals and won the task!

Gautam's happiness knows no bound as he cuts the cake while everyone sings happy birthday for him. The celebrations get even more interesting as Gautam's signature track “Urvashi' was played in the background.

All the housemates were in a cheerful mood. On Gautam's demand, all the girls put on their dancing shoes and show off their glamorous moves while all the boys went shirtless ending the day by celebrating the magnetic boy's birthday in style.

Unable to sleep at night, Puneet and Gautam were seen making elaichi milk when they were joined in by Sonali. She made a statement that shocked both the boys.

She said and we quote, "(to Gautam) you like me but I love you, that's the difference." Woah, where did that come from! Surely Gautam is thinking the same!

Today Salman will again grill the contestants over the various issues, which happened in the entire week.