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Bigg Boss 8, Day 65: Praneet Bhatt misses a chance to meet girlfriend because of Sonali Raut (see pics)

New Delhi: As Day 65 starts in the Bigg Boss house, the exact amount of dependency that the contestants have on technology and how much they are willing to sacrifice for others became the biggest
India TV Entertainment Desk November 26, 2014 11:00 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: As Day 65 starts in the Bigg Boss house, the exact amount of dependency that the contestants have on technology and how much they are willing to sacrifice for others became the biggest thing to survive.

In the morning Renee complained to Upen that the other group (meaning P3G) is now trying to avoid her and are showing a disinterest in talking to her. She has now resolved that she won't let the matter go so easily and make a strong comeback.

Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task in which housemates were given an app to fulfill their personal wishes and Renee and Upen were appointed as batteries.

Sonali got the first chance and she chose two options - what her fans think about her and a letter from her sister.

Her decision cost 42% battery to other housemates earning her criticism from everyone.

Dimpy went in next and she chose to watch what other housemates are discussing about her behind her back.

Seeing Pritam, Puneet, Gautam, Upen, Ali and Diandra bitch about her, Dimpy felt a bit shocked.

Pritam and Praneet had their fun teasing Gautam and Diandra. Even Gautam from his end sang a song for Diandra making her blush pinker than her hair!

With only 26% battery left when Praneet's chance came to fulfill his wish he had to miss out on choosing a date with his girlfriend Kanchan. He also gave up on choosing any other option so as to save battery for other housemates.

He was heartbroken to say the least but others appreciated his selfless act and applauded him for the same.

Sonali used up 48% of the battery while using two apps in the luxury budget task called the 'App Task'.

Due to which all the other housemates were cut short on their wishes as if the Battery drains down to 0%, the task will be deemed over and they will lose.

Praneet when was called in the activity room had a total of 26% and he had a chance to meet his girlfriend Kanchan for 32% battery. Praneet got very emotional as he could not use the love app due to shortage of 6%

Had Sonali not used a second App he could have been able to meet Kanchan. Praneet, at first, controlled himself and did not react but when he saw Gautam Gulati getting to meet with his mother after the battery was recharged; he got really upset with Sonali and had tears in his eyes.

When Diandra's chance came she chose to get her make up and hair color back. The battery was down to 11%.

Upen and Renee then got a task to recharge their batteries and the two had to step in a tub full of cow dung and remove as many battery cells as possible.

There were 89 batteries in total. Upen readily agreed to do the task for everyone else's benefit but Renee didn't since she thought it didn't benefit her personally in any way.

Upen managed to extract 61 batteries bringing up the battery meter to 72%.

Gautam got the option to meet his mother in person and he ran to the confession room. Seeing his mother after a long time broke down Gautam and he cried miserably.

Both mother and son shared a very emotional moment and thanked Bigg Boss for giving them this chance.

Housemates were ecstatic for Gautam and everyone hugged him with warmth and love.

Yes, even Karishma! But somewhere Praneet felt bad that his girlfriend Kanchan was so close to the house but he still didn't get a chance to meet her. 

Somewhere everyone blamed Sonali for wasting the battery in her part of the task because of which Praneet didn't get to meet his girlfriend. Sonali, in her usual manner, shrugged off the blame.

The task left everyone a bit overwhelmed but this is just the beginning because tomorrow it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster!