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Bigg Boss 8, Day 64: Puneet nominates Praneet, Diandra confused over friendship with Gautam (see pics)

New Delhi: Bigg Boss house has witnessed many ups and downs and will witness many more in coming days.The episode started off post Weekend ka Vaar and Ali tried to apologies to Karishma for his
India TV Entertainment Desk November 25, 2014 13:39 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss house has witnessed many ups and downs and will witness many more in coming days.

The episode started off post Weekend ka Vaar and Ali tried to apologies to Karishma for his bad behaviour in front of Salman.

He blamed Dimpy to be playing a game with him and tried to convince Karishma that he means no bad for her.

Even as Nigaar steps out of the house, the fight amongst contestants continues on as they all react strongly to what was said before host Salman Khan.

Be it Ali for his brash behaviour, or Diandra for her claims, every contestant finds themselves in the line of fire.

Upen expressed his hurt to Sonali over how she asked Nigaar to nominate him.

Sonali tried to justify that she didn't do it with malice intent and everybody has to get nominated once but Upen was in no mood to listen.

Next morning Diandra and Karishma's gossip session was full of masala! Diandra shared how things are getting serious between her and Gautam and she isn't quite sure if she wants to go down that road with him.

Karishma advised to take two days' time to decide anything and both girls giggled over Gautam's unpredictable nature.

Karishma confronted Ali in front of everyone and asked him why he tried to apologies to her. But Ali shrugged off the matter that it is his game to prove Karishma wrong and will stick by it and isn't sorry for anything.

Sonali discussed with Pritam her issues with Upen and the latter supported her. Pritam didn't find anything wrong in Sonali's way of asking Nigaar to not nominate her and both believe Upen is overreacting over the matter.

As is the norm, the day brought with itself the dreaded nominations. Twisting the story around a little, Bigg Boss asks contestants to step into the confession room and nominate one contestant that they would like to save from elimination.

Most contestants, including Praneet, Ali, Sonali and Dimpy move away from what is expected from them in terms of their friendships and tried to save those who they believe is the least manipulative.

But the big twist came in when Bigg Boss asked captain Puneet to nominate the one contestant who he would like to nominate for eviction.

While most expected Puneet to choose his least favourite contestant in the Bigg Boss house, i.e. Karishma, but Puneet changes the game by choosing someone else, someone he has called his friend!

Final contestants who didn't receive a single vote and who are nominated for this week are Sonali, Ali, Renee, Upen and Praneet.

The effect of nominations stayed with the contestants all day long. Be it digesting the shock of nominations, or wondering who their real friends and enemies in the Bigg Boss house are.

Sonali felt hurt when she got to know that Praneet didn't save her but instead saved Dimpy. She thought he was her friend and felt betrayed by him. He tried to apologise but Sonali was in tears and burst out crying.

Everyone tried to console Sonali and Puneet stated that if he had an option to save someone he would have saved her.

Sonali was happy to hear him say that but when Gautam too said he would have done the same she got upset with him and asked him not to be fake with her.

Both had a minor argument at the dining table in which Gautam asked her to act mature and identify who are her real friends

Later when everyone was chilling outside Puneet asked Karishma to call Upen also to join in. But Upen asked to be excused saying he can't be sitting out and being fake smiling to everyone.

Tonight's episode will change the entire scenario. Taunts, fights, arguments mixed with some budding friendships and love will be seen in today's episode.