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Bigg Boss 8, Day 58: Gautam entices as 'dictator' of the house, flirts with Diandra

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8, Day 58 started on the tunes of ‘Tashan,' followed by the luxury budget task named ‘Gautam city.'Karishma mentioned all the rules and norms of the task and asked Gautam to
India TV Entertainment Desk November 19, 2014 13:45 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8, Day 58 started on the tunes of ‘Tashan,' followed by the luxury budget task named ‘Gautam city.'

Karishma mentioned all the rules and norms of the task and asked Gautam to name his two royal guards.

Gautam chose Puneet and Dimpy to be his royal guards who are allowed to enjoy treatment by the fellow inmates along with dictator Gautam.

Gautam ordered Ali to sing as bad as he can and the rest of the housemates enjoyed the initial tasks assigned to them by their new king Gautam. Later, Gautam went inside his specially designed room in the activity areas, from where he can have a tab on the entire house through his own TV screen.

Dictator Gautam analysed everyone in the house and what others were thinking about his captaincy and him being the dictator now.

Both Karishma and Upen were seen discussing about how funny and weird tasks have Gautam given under his dictatorship, so that the anti-Gautam people could feel uncomfortable.

Diandra also joined the conversation and concluded that Puneet is the mastermind behind Gautam's every action in the task towards the fellow contestants. Gautam seemed agitated after witnessing this.

Gautam then made all sit on their knees and asked them to dress up similarly. The captain even advised Ali to play genuinely with heart and follow his orders.

Dictator then took away a thing from each contestant. However, the rest of the inmates didn't quite appreciate what Gautam asked them to submit. Sonali even created a bit of fuss by crying when Gautam asked her to submit cigarettes and then commented that let her parents watch what she does.

What also got highlighted in the episode was Gautam getting a bit close to Diandra as he constantly told the lady that he still likes her.

Gautam and Diandra did a stiff walk and seemed to be sharing a good conversation over a few past ugly things that happened.

Ali then took permission from the dictator to allow Nigaar, Karishma and Renne to help him cleaning the garden. And as ‘His majesty' granted the permission, both Nigaar and Karishma didn't seem going well with the order.

Gautam took the entire house over with his wittiness and yesterday's episode appeared the most entertaining one so far. Also, Ali was made to lie tied up in chains and locks after the contestants complained about him to the captain.

Praneet, who was so far sitting quiet in the show, appeared highly cunning. He seemed the one conspiring against Gautam and his way of doing the task in front of the rest of the housemates.

Later, Diandra offered Gautam her food and the entire house started teasing both Gautam and Diandra.

The episode consummated with a conversation between Diandra and Praneet where the lady was discussing about how Gautam feels for her and that she would appreciate if both of them can at least reach to a ‘talking-point' post ‘Gautam city' task.

The game is taking interesting twists and turns here!