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Bigg Boss 8 Day 25: Captain Ali Quli Mirza's authoritative attitude stirs storm in the house

New Delhi: With the new entrant in the house, the situation seems to worsen but the entertainment level is surely to soar high. The first wild card entrant singer Ali Quli Mirza marches into the
India TV Entertainment Desk October 18, 2014 10:00 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: With the new entrant in the house, the situation seems to worsen but the entertainment level is surely to soar high. The first wild card entrant singer Ali Quli Mirza marches into the house with a celebratory dance troupe who is later introduced to all other inmates by the Bigg Boss itself. The whole lot entertainment is brought to an end, when Bigg Boss shatters one and all by declaring him the leader.

A mixed feeling goes into all the members as they have no idea whatsoever about this new man in the house and moreover is given house authority with the following rights-

# He can't work but has the right to get the work done by others

# Make sure the inmates are doing the work properly

# Can punish if someone breaks the rules

# He is safe from nominations

The game plan follows at 4 am in the morning with Gautam being the first person to speak openly to Ali in the garden area. He narrates him the entire tale, which had everything including Karishma's tiff and the apologies he offered to her.

Ali offers his sympathy to Gautam and asks him to be good and keep his level of goodness throughout the show.

Early morning, Ali speaks to BB on camera in the changing room and tells that the contestants have made the house a murgi khana.

Praneet takes Ali on a tour of the house and helps him examine the state of tidiness in the premises. They duo enter the bedroom, where Diandra listens to their talk. Ali asks Praneet who cleans the bedroom.

Praneet wastes no time to name Puneet and this irks Diandra. She tells Ali that even others (from her team) take turns in cleaning. After they leave, Diandra add fuel to the fire by

complaining Sushant how Praneet lied to Ali by giving the sole credit for cleanliness to Puneet while in reality Arya and others clean up the mess regularly.

Ali calls up all the housemates in the hall area and tells them to abide by a few rules in the BB house. He warns them of punishment if they fail to follow the rules which are-

# No speaking in English

#Group-ism and ganging up especially during an argument

# Sleeping during the day

Then after, Ali divides the housework between all the inmates. He asks Karishma to clean the utensils while gives Minissha, Sonali the responsibility to make food. Pritam would look after the kitchen. Gautam, Diandra and Praneet would clean the garden. Arya and Puneet would clean the bathroom. Soni, Upen and Sushant would clean the floor etc.

After the duties allocation, the bitching session follows about Ali's authoritative attitude. Minissha, Sushant, Diandra, Karishma and Arya complain each other about the work being allotted to them. However, Arya says that it is good for them as it will help them get out of their comfort zone.

Puneet sits in the porch with Ali and tells him about the lackadaisical attitude and dominion of Karishma and gang.

After some time, BB calls Ali inside the confession room and asks him to name one person who is not worthy of living inside the house, except Diandra and Pritam. Ali names Sushant reasoning that he takes least interest in work. Sushant gets directly nominated for the next nominations.

Sushant gets miffed with Ali as a result and begins badmouthing him with Natasa and Diandra. He says, “takle ne neend kharab kar di. (the bald man had ruined my sleep) He further says that Ali is trying to provoke him and give way to anger. On being told by Natasa to bear it all calmly, he says “jab itna kuch seh liya to yeh kaunsi khet ki mooli hai.”

Later, Ali chastises Sushant for putting the workload of cleaning the floor on Upen's shoulders. He asks Sushant in a politely yet firm manner to lend a helping hand to Upen. Sushant gets defensive and says that he did the work. Ali points out the areas that were well cleaned by Sushant and asks him to clean the remaining ones too. After a while, Sushant again goes to bitch about Ali. He tells Diandra about getting negative energies from Ali, even more than what he gets from Gautam.

Around evening, BB gives a new task called ‘Band Karo Yeh Atyachar” to the housemates. In the task, Pritam, Puneet and Gautam are given a chance to get themselves free from slavery and nominated other housemate in their place by giving a sincere reason.

Gautam's turn comes first and he nominates Minissha. He reasons that Minissha is the least active member in house chores. So, this way, she may learn to do more work. This irks Minissha and defends herself by saying that Gautam gets done with his work quickly, which is why he thinkhs she does not do much work. She gives other reason in her defense and agrees being a sevak. However, she shoots an emotional barb to save herself by laying emphasis on the words – “being a woman she will accept sleeping on floor.”

Pritam comes next and nominates Soni for sevak's role as she has the habit of feeding herself and her brother (Upen) without paying heed to the hunger of others.

Soni gives a bitter reaction to Pritam's statement and breaks down into (false?) tears. However, Arya steps forward to be a sevak in Soni's place.

When Puneet's turn comes, he gives a dignified answer by saying that he would prefer sticking to live like a sevak as it is beneficial to his health.

In the end, Ali nominates Arya, Minissha and Puneet for the role of sevaks and BB readily accepts them for the part. Pritam and Gautam get free from slavery and happily get seated on the sofas.

Later at night, Praneet pacifies Soni and make her understand that if she would go about pleasing 6 people, it is obvious that 6 other people would be displeased by her.

Diandra complains that the allegations regarding food on them were wrong as they had earlier offered food to Puneet, Pritam and Praneet on their own.