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Bigg Boss 8: Arjun Kapoor launches 'Tevar' song, Aarya Babbar roars out of BB house (view pics)

New Delhi: Salman started the episode with utmost energy and stated his displeasure over seeing the break up of such a strong group like P3G.Salman showed a clip wherein Pritam and Praneet were seen troubling
India TV Entertainment Desk November 18, 2014 10:55 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Salman started the episode with utmost energy and stated his displeasure over seeing the break up of such a strong group like P3G.

Salman showed a clip wherein Pritam and Praneet were seen troubling captain Gautam on purpose regarding garden work.

Gautam kept his calm and instead of forcing anyone to work he asked Puneet to help and himself got down to complete the job.

Salman applauded Gautam for taking the job on himself despite being a captain!

Arjun Kapoor came in to promote his movie Tevar and entered the house to meet everyone.

Arjun played a fun game with the housemates and gave a chance to each one to hit the housemate with a water color balloon they think need to change their Tevar. Ali was undoubtedly on the target for most of the housemates.

All housemates then gave a special dedication to Salman by enacting his dialogues or dance. Praneet said a ‘Maine Pyar Kiya' dialogue, Upen danced on ‘O o Jaane Jaana' and Gautam showed off his six pack abs and danced on 'Tillori Bina Chutney kaise banio'. Salman was more than amused to see everyone's attempts!

Arjun showed Salman some dances moves from his latest song in Tevar, which is actually dedicated to Salman Khan. The song goes like 'Superman Salman ka fan!'

Salman fondly remembered the days when he helped Arjun lose oodles of weight. The two did a demo of push ups and it was surely a treat to watch!

After biding bye to Arjun, Salman was back to Bigg Boss contestants and controversies.

Salman thought that Pritam is smarter than the way he is behaving now and asked him if his non cooperation movement against Gautam is justified?

He also made him realise that the housemates who were standing with him in this non cooperation movement like Karishma and Praneet, both are now doing the housework and he is now left alone.

On the other hand, Salman advised Gautam to change his attitude. He said there's a vast difference in being frank and being rude.

Considering the way housemates are not cooperating with him as a captain, he should understand where he stands in the house and do something to change that.

Salman also told others that it's not only about nominations, by going against Gautam in his captaincy and refusing to do work they are going against Bigg Boss.

The candid host in an amused manner, held Dimpy partially responsible for breaking P3G. Salman also commented that since there were already cracks she just pushed it further.

At the same he told Gautam that his statement that Praneet and Pritam never supported him is wrong, he has always seen the two stand by Gautam's side.

Snapdeal caller of the week ordered binoculars for Praneet and advised him to think long-term. The caller expressed his displeasure on Praneet's low point of view of audience's perspective and explained that its not that the audience likes chaos but the fact that they see the real personality of all housemates individually and only then choose their favorites. Praneet agreed to his point and rectified his comments on audiences' choice.

Salman then spoke to the housemates and played a task called 'Sach ka Mashaal'. In this Salman asked questions to certain housemates and others had to say whether they agree or disagree.

Sonali turned out to be quite honest in her answers. The game turned out to be funny and interesting at the same time.

After spending more than half a season inside the house Aarya Babbar got evicted in Week 8. Aarya Babbar became the sixth contestant to be voted out of Bigg Boss 8. He was eliminated from the show on Sunday after Karishma Tanna managed to get more audience votes than him.

Upen Patel, Aarya's close friend, broke into tears when the eviction was announced. A touched Aarya gave his 'kada' to Upen to remind him of their strong bond and friendship.

As the Bigg Bomb he got a chance to nominate someone for captaincy task and he named his best friend in the house Upen Patel.