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Bigg Boss Day 53: Puneet finally out from jail, captain Diandra punishes Gautam (see pics)

New Delhi: Day 53 in the Bigg Boss house brings with it a sense of achievement. Unknown to most contestants, half their journey in the Bigg Boss house is now complete.And, along with the end
India TV Entertainment Desk November 14, 2014 8:59 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Day 53 in the Bigg Boss house brings with it a sense of achievement. Unknown to most contestants, half their journey in the Bigg Boss house is now complete.

And, along with the end of the journey, some relationships in the Bigg Boss house are also nearing their end.

In the morning itself Puneet and Karishma had a tiff over cleaning the garden. Puneet complained to captain Diandra that Karishma hasn't cleaned under the benches and Karishma refused to move the benches away. She called Puneet a child to have complained unnecessarily.

When Gautam interfered in the matter Karishma felt all the more annoyed and she was seen complaining about the same to Pritam.

He too felt Gautam unnecessarily butts into conversation when it's not required.

At the end of the luxury budget task, comes the Judgement Day where Bigg Boss asks captain Diandra Soares to select two candidates - one whom she will grant a wish and the other whom she will punish.

While Diandra decides to reward Dimpy Mahajan and declares her as the best performer, she also chooses Gautam Gulati for punishment.

Before Bigg Boss announces that the task is already on, Diandra was seen discussing with Puneet Issar about the same.

Diandra clearly told Puneet that she finds Gautam very interfering and annoying and hence she selected Gautam to serve Bigg Boss's punishment.

As a result of this, Gautam was asked to polish hundred shoes.

Gautam who clearly got miffed with Diandra's selection sat through the entire time, polishing all the shoes and even skipped his lunch for the same.

Later on, after he completed the task, Gautam spoke to Dimpy and explained her how Diandra got personal with him and punished her, instead of punishing the right contestants.

Arguing about the same, Gautam also claimed that he works all the time without any hassles and still all he gets is a punishment!

While even Gautam's 'friend' Praneet thought the punishment was apt for him, Dimpy felt it was wrong on Diandra's part to punish him.

According to her Gautam does his work fine and there are far worse who do a shoddy job.

Puneet defended Gautam in front of Praneet and said when Gautam interferes in someone's work he's merely pinpointing their mistakes.

Praneet did not agree and stated clearly that the only reason Gautam gets audience support is because he likes to create chaos and audience loves to watch that.

He further added that Gautam is like a monkey in a cage whom people are laughing at. Harsh!
All housemates got a chance to express their wishes to captain Diandra and she could choose to fulfil anyone's wishes.

Most of the housemates including Karishma and Dimpy asked for Puneet to be freed from jail. Gautam, on the other hand, didn't ask for anything and stated that whatever Diandra wishes that wish to be fulfilled.

Diandra fulfilled Dimpy's wish and Puneet finally got out of jail. Everyone met him with a new vigour and he was welcomed back warmly.

As the week has almost come to an end, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task. The task given was that to hold a ring for as long as possible.

While Pritam and Dimpy were competing, captain Diandra chose Praneet‘s name. But she added a twist in the house by asking the Bigg Boss 8 inmates to cheer for Gautam.