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Sonu Nigam woken up by Azaan, complains about 'forced religiousness' on Twitter

Sonu Nigam has created a fresh controversy today after he went on a Twitter rant against loudspeakers in mosques, gurudwaras and temples.
India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi April 17, 2017 16:58 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam has created a fresh controversy today when he was 'annoyed' by the sound of the morning Azaan on loudspeaker. The singer hated it so much that he called it "gundagardi". He apparently was woken up by the morning azaan of local mosque and irritated by its sound, he said I am not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. Why is it so?

The singer sounded more harsh when he said, this is nothing but simply 'Gundagardi'.

The singer not only criticised the use of loudspeaker in mosque, but he also said that he doesn't believe in any temple or gurudwara using electricity to wake up people especially those who don't follow the religion. 

He even raised a question on the whole Muslim community asking why are they doing so? Why are they forcing religion on anybody?

Further, Nigam quoting prophet Mohammed in his tweet and said that he doesn't think that Mohammed even had electricity when he founded Islam. Then are people forced to wake up in the morning by the sound of Azaan. 

Nigam went on to pose another question to the Muslim community and asked when will this forced religiousness end in India?

However, Nigam was heavily criticised by his followers. 

However, there are many who extended their support to Nigam. Director Vivek Agnihotri said, “I am willing to sponsor a campaign against illegal blaring of Azaan and other prayers on loudspeakers. Suggest a creative hashtag.” He even tagged Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis to come forward in support of the matter. He wrote, “Dear @DevFadnavis pl note and help us force police to act against illegal blaring of Azaan and other such activities.”