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Online domestic help platform will not offer services to B-town celebs, reason is shocking

BookMyBai founders said they took the decision after a lot of deliberation and will stick to their decision of not offering its services to all celebs whether big or small.
India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi April 19, 2017 13:22 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

In a shocking and eye-opening scenario, a popular online platform BookMyBai has put a ban on Bollywood celebrities. The portal that helps people find domestic helps has alleged that B-town celebs do not treat the helps well and, most employees have complained of ‘horrendous experiences’.

Recently, Anupam Sinhal, a co-founder of the company, announced the company’s decision via an elaborate blog post.

“We are all fans of some celebrity or the other. We look up to them. They become role models. Some of them also get prestigious national awards for their work. BookMyBai has worked very closely with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and provided them with good domestic helps in Mumbai and other cities, and our experience has been no less than horrendous,” Sinhal's post stated.

In the post, Anupam had mentioned numerous examples of maids being physically abused by celebrities. The post also gave an insight into instances when stars refused to give food or leave to attend a relative’s funeral to the domestic helps.

In a tell-all interview to DNA, Anupam said that BookMyBai took the decision after a lot of thought and will stick to its decision of not offering its services to all celebs whether big or small.

“In the last few months, we have had several complaints from maids about celebrities not behaving well, paying them less — sometimes not paying them at all — and not providing them a meal or leaves that they are entitled to. Celebrities feel that since they have money and influence, they can do anything to their home helps, who often choose to not report cases of abuse and misconduct due to their poor financial condition and fear of being targeted,” Sinhal said.

Further he said that the company will now prioritize on  providing its services to trusted customers instead of taking a risk with stars who have a history of misbehaving.

“We have had at least 20 big celebrities as clients, apart from a large number of small-time actors. Around 500 requests come to us everyday and we can only provide close to 80-90 home helps. When the demand is this high, we would rather provide our services to valued customers over celebrities who have a poor record,” he added.