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Haseena Parkar : Shraddha Kapoor needed a role as thunderous as ‘Haseena’ to break the monotony

Shraddha has baffled me to the core as I’m wondering, is she the same girl who danced in the rain in Baaghi and Half Girlfriend?
Reshu Manglik New Delhi June 17, 2017 14:08 IST
Reshu Manglik

Shraddha Kapoor is on the trending radar. It’s not the first time that the actress made headlines. But this time, the reason is rather different. This name earlier insinuated to fashion, glamour and of course, the rain. This time, she’s hitting the charts for an impressive reason, Haseena Parkar. With the release of teaser, Shraddha has baffled me to the core as I’m wondering, is she the same girl who danced in the rain in Baaghi and Half Girlfriend? She’s absolutely unrecognisable in her betel juice-stained lips, puffed cheeks and kohl-lined eyes. 

Haseena Parkar Trailer- Shraddha surprises her audience in her fierce avatar 

In case you missed it, Haseena Parkar is based on the tale of ‘Aapa’, the woman who sent shudder down every Mumbaikar’s spine. We all know about India’s most wanted man-Dawood Ibrahim but very little is known about his sister, Haseena who was as intimidating as her brother. Legends had it that Haseena once had her heart on a house in Mumbai. She just barged into the house and took over its possession! Over 88 cases were files against her, but she was made to appear in the court only ONCE. 

Shraddha Kapoor and her previous nondescript roles 

Coming back to the reel-life Haseena, the Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor. If we look back at the filmography of the actress, we have Aashiqui 2, Luv Ka The End, Ek Villain, Baaghi, ABCD 2, Rock On 2 and the latest, Half Girlfriend. One can see clear-cut similarities in the roles she played. All of them were a bit run-of-the-mill. Be it Aarohi from Aashiqui 2 or Riya Somani from Half Girlfriend, the actress never bothered to drop her girl-next-door image. Whenever her movies hit the silverscreens, everyone was seen talking about her fashion sense, hair styles, dancing skills but the substance in her roles were lacking. Shraddha Kapoor being mentioned for powerful roles and outstanding acting was a rare sight. But not anymore, hopefully. 

Haseena Parkar- Is it going to break the monotony for Aashiqui girl? 

But this movie, Haseena Parkar is an evacuation plan for the actress who had been too much into monotony in her previous ventures. It’s a breath of fresh air to see the beautiful and talented actress taking the risk and do a role she’s never done before. It would be the first time that Shraddha is playing a baddie in a movie and above all, portraying a character as strong and ferocious as Haseena Parkar. And not an exaggeration to say that, in the one-minute clipping, Shraddha Kapoor has lived up to our expectations in the titular role of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister.  

We’ll have to wait till August 18th to give our verdict on the movie, but for me, Shraddha Kapoor as Haseena is already a winner. No matter how the film performs at the box office, this is going to be the ‘Role of a Lifetime’ for the Half Girlfriend actress. We’re hoping to see more of such out of the ordinary roles from the actress.