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Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya’s suicide attempt, Julie’s eviction and this week's nominations, here are all the updates

The list of this week's nominated Bigg Boss Tamil contestants is out.
Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi August 09, 2017 14:24 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Bigg Boss Tamil is making headlines for multiple reasons. After everybody’s darling Oviya Helen left the show citing health issues, Juliana has been evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil. There were many incidents in the house that gathered everybody’s attention. This is known to all that Oviya was facing mental issues and at one point of time it became difficult for the lady to tackle the situation and she tried to commit suicide on the show.

If reports are to be believed, Oviya jumped in the swimming pool closing her nose. She was rescued by her fellow contestants after which Bigg Boss took the decision to send her out of the house. The lady has stated that it was difficult for her to control her feelings for her co-contestant Aarav. The latter on the other hand has always made it clear that nothing was serious between the two.

During chit chatting with Kamal Haasan, Aarav admitted that he kissed Oviya on the show and the host asked him to reveal this thing to the housemates so that she didn’t get all the blame.


Juliana, who garnered hatred after host Kamal Haasan revealed a clip of her fight with Oviya. Last week, her Bigg Boss journey came to an end.

This week, Arav, Bindu Madhavi, Ganesh Venkatraman, Gayathri Raguram, Sakthi, Snehan, Vaiyyapuri have been nominated. The results will be announced on the coming weekend.

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