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Salwar-Kameez-clad wrestler Kavita Devi is winning the internet, becomes first woman to compete in WWE ring

Kavita Devi underwent training of a professional wrestler from Khali's academy.
Written by: India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi September 05, 2017 19:03 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Can you imagine someone in a wrestling ring with salwar kameez? No, then let us introduce you to the first Indian woman to fight in a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) ring and that too in salwar kameez. Kavita Devi whose video accepting an open challenge of a wrestler went viral last year is back again. The Haryana wrestler who is also an ex-Police officer was seen showing her wrestling skills at an event held by Continental Wrestling Entertainment, a training school launched by The Great Khali in 2015.

Now again she has become internet’s new love. In the video from August 30, the first round of the Mae Young Classic – WWE's first all-woman competition saw Kavita Devi contesting with New Zealand-based Dakota Kai. Though the Kiwi wrestler whose real name is Cheree Crowley won the match but it was our mixed martial arts (MMA) champion who won hearts. She took everyone by surprise when she entered the ring clad in a saffron salwar kameez.

While speaking to TOI, Kavita said that she draws inspiration from the first Indian WWE champion, The Great Khali. "He was the first Indian man to win a world title, and I wanted to be the first woman," she said. She underwent training of a professional wrestler from Khali's academy. Earlier this year, Kavita Devi was part of WWE Dubai tryout. Watch the video below which at the time of writing had garnered 3,177,586 views and is trending on You Tube.