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Ian Toothill, a British man becomes first cancer patient to summit Mount Everest!

British cancer-patient managed to raise 31,500 pounds for cancer charity
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi June 08, 2017 16:32 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

A terminal cancer patient who has only months left to live became an epitome of immense courage recently. The 47-year-old Ian Toothill from Sheffield scaled world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest while battling with a life-threatening disease. On Monday, he reached the world’s highest mountain peak and has managed to raise over £31,500 for the cancer charity Macmillan. He becomes the first person with cancer to reach the life-endangering summit. With his indomitable will and determination, he was able to do what was almost impossible. 

Ian Toothill was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015 and was told that he has only few months to survive. He had conquered the battle with cancer in 2016, but it returned again. But not losing the hope, he went a step ahead and won millions of hearts with his courage. He posted his achievement on his Facebook and Twitter account with a catchy caption. 

“Nothing to see here…Just some cancer dude on top of Mount Everest, and for a few minutes the highest person in the world!”

"I'm determined to prove anything is possible," he told BBC Radio in February.

He is also a fan of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. He planted a flag of rivals Sheffield United at the Summit for the sake of charity. Earlier, he scaled North Col Route on May 16. He was accompanied for part of the summit by Leslie Binns, who abandoned the summit last June after saving the life of a fellow climber.