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Working mom leaves her kid to maid, see what she does to the child

Mother was shocked to see her child with the maid in the CCTV footage
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi April 27, 2017 13:44 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

What could be the biggest horror for a working mom when she leaves her child to a maid? Perhaps, her maid not treating the kid well. With so many negative stories circulated online, about house help misbehaving with the kids, feeling suspicious is inevitable. 

Likewise, this working mom had to leave her child with her maid. Amidst her work, she decides to check on her maid as to what she’s doing. But what she on the camera was fortunately not what she was expecting. 

In the CCTV footage, she witnesses a beautiful bond shared by her little munchkin and the maid. This short film was posted by Diycam to change the perception towards house help. It also depicts the pain a working mother goes through everyday when she leaves her child with the maid. Even though she’s wrapped up in her work, she’s never free of thoughts that her child might be missing her, wondering where her mother is, might be hungry. Life would be a little easier for every working mother, if there’s a woman there at home like her maid, fostering her baby.

Working or housewife, before everything else, she’s mother. And a mother’s heart never stops thriving for her child, regardless of where she is and what she’s doing. A motherly figure like Meena in this video, can make things a lot easier for these working moms.