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20 cartoons from 90s that we miss the most

One of the best parts of childhood is watching cartoons. As a matter of fact, the child within adults always enjoys an episode of Tom and Jerry or Oggy and the Cockroaches. Just like classics bedtime
India TV News Desk June 02, 2015 18:21 IST
India TV News Desk

One of the best parts of childhood is watching cartoons. As a matter of fact, the child within adults always enjoys an episode of Tom and Jerry or Oggy and the Cockroaches. 

Just like classics bedtime stories, cartoons are timeless too. They are so effortlessly adorable, simple, colourful, fun and yet meaningful. 

Imagine, a decade ago during 90s, we would not miss a single episode of He-Man and the Masters of The Universe or Duck Tales for anything in the world. No Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Candy Crush, iPods or iPads! Finding joy was so simple back then. 

Cartoons are an integral part of the growing up process. Even today, if given a chance (and time of course), we would love to watch them. Fights over remote controls, skipping meals or eating meal in front of our favourite cartoon series is a familiar sight in every household having kids. 

Check out these cartoons that made childhood during 90s awesome! By the end of it, we are sure you are gonna feel nostalgic! 

The Powerpuff Girls 

Admit it, at least once you have named yourself Buttercup, Blossom or Bubbles while playing and tried to kill Mojo-Jojo to save the world. 

The Flintstones 

Dinosaur as a pet, a baby elephant as a vacuum cleaner, actual rock for rock music and the coolest vehicles and caves, every bit of The Flintstones was simply fabulous. We all loved it! So much so, that we actually imagined living that kind of a life. 

Johnny Bravo 

He is a muscular, rough and a self obsessed mommy's boy, who thinks that he is born just to date women and he tried to charm every women and all his efforts end in disasters. And boy, guys still call themselves Johnny Bravo, don't they?

Dexter's Laboratory 

Dexter is sharp, witty, damn brainy and totally disciplined. And, he built a killer laboratory right inside his house. That was like something. Secretly, we even thought of creating our own high-tech laboratory just like him. 

Tom & Jerry 

The never-ending fights between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse were outrageously hilarious! We can still watch this one like all the time. 


Talking flowers, talking trumpets, a baby sun, noo-noo the insect, the cuddly group of rabbits, Teletubbies was nothing less than a dreamland. And so were the lovable characters, Tinky- winky, Dipsy, Lara and Po. 

The Looney Tunes Show 

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Tweety bird were among the cutest and the most adorable, smart and funny characters. 

The Scooby-doo Show 

All we can say is Scooby dooby doo, where are you?   


Popeye was the idol cartoon for every mom, they trick their kids by saying this, “see what you get when you eat your veggies?” when Popeye gobble his can of spinach and turned up as a muscular and powerful man.  

Chip ‘n' Dale Rescue Rangers 

They were the two detective chipmunks who solve the problems of their fellow animals. The two frequent villains were the Mafia-style tabby cat Fat Cat and mad scientist Norton Nimnul.