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A burial machine that freezes the corpse and convert it into dust. Know more about it here

Promession is the eco-friendly way to dispose the dead bodies.
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi May 13, 2017 16:26 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

There are countless number of ways in which the dead bodies can be funeralized. But do you the environmental hazard associated with each of them. The number of trees cut down for cremation and the amount of land needed for burial, both raises an important question on sustainable funeral method. 

If you want to dispose the dead body in a rather eco-friendly manner, then this method of burial is just near-perfect. It is known as promession which is devised by a Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Masak. He spent 20 long years to come up with this method. 

Watch the video to know more: 

In this method, the dead body is freezed, vibrated into dust and dehydrated. It is the most eco-friendly form of burial which has ever been devised. 
The process takes place in five elaborate steps: 

  • The body is cryogenically frozen using liquid nitrogen which turns it into a block of frozen flesh. 
  • The promator, the device use for promession, then vibrates the frozen corpse to reduce it into smaller-sized chunks. The vibrator transforms the frozen dead body into a pile of fine particles in just minutes. 
  • The water is removed from the dust. At this stage, only 30 percent of the total mass is remaining. 
  • In the next step, the dried remains of corpse is processed to remove the metals and potentially harmful minerals from it. 
  • In the final step, the corpse remains are placed in a biodegradable contrainer which is made up of corn starch. This packet is buried in a shallow grave of just 30-50 cm in size. The remains will turn into a fresh soil in just a year and a half. 

Isn’t it a better way to bid adieu to our loved ones?