Best 5 Hollywood Haunted-Thriller movies of 2022

Best 5 Hollywood Haunted-Thriller movies of 2022

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Hellbender is a horror thriller in which a teenage girl and her mother simply live in a house built in the woods.

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In the Movie "The Innocents", a group of children reveals their dark and mysterious powers when adults do not watch, during the Nordic summer.

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You Won`t Be Alone shows a disturbing sequence of events that occur after a young girl, Nevena, is kidnapped by a bloodthirsty, mythical figure named Old Maid Maria, also known as the Wolf. -Eatingress.

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"What Josiah Saw" may be too heavy and obnoxious for some viewers, but this slow look at this generational trauma leaves a lingering, sad impact.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre evolves around Leatherface and a new lot of victims who unknowingly disrupt his home

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