PM leaked information on Balakot airstrike to journalist, alleges Rahul Gandhi

During his visit to Tamil Nadu, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister for his involvement in leaking information on Balakot airstrike to journalist. "Put our Air Force pilots at risk, if this is available to a journalist, if it is on Whats App, I.m sure forces that are interested in this information, enemy forces can also have access to this. I.m asking a very simple question, why it that there is no enquiry on this? These five people know, somebody out of these 5 have told the journalist, if it is not the Prime Minister why hasn.t he ordered an enquiry? Somebody out of these 5 have put Indian nation, Indian Air Force at risk. I want to find out who it is" said Rahul Gandhi in Karur. He added, "The only reason Prime Minister has not ordered enquiry, is because he is involved in this type of leaking information."

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